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  1. Hmmm this wasn't supposed to be a update or a Release FU i just put up the xbe's for Rojola to try out on his upgraded xbox No harm done though it's just the game doesn't play too well really as the ole xbox cant really handle it
  2. No as that sort of feature isn't supported in MAMEoXtras plus personally i have no idea how to create such a button command code wise
  3. Just remap the Start+Select button in the Emulator control options you can do this ingame and set it to be whatever button you want to Exit game
  4. And dont forget to visit here for a whole overall complete picture of whats available xbox Emulation Wise....... http://www.emuxtras.net/forum/portal.php
  5. There's more to xbox Emulation than just CoinOPS There's Alotta cool stuff out there be sure to check out some of the standalone Console and Arcade Emulators
  6. i answered your question in the other thread you posted elseware
  7. I know this is the last thing ya wanna hear but ive never failed to sell something on ebay be it books CD's DVD's Games Consoles Clothes etc etc when you get up and running on there im sure you'll shift all your stuff pretty quickly
  8. Not 100% on this as i haven't used CoinOPS in years but i think you need to grab and install the full CoinOPS 6 version 1st then update to R16
  9. I think he means MAME 0.150 although i cant see in CoinOPS/Vision if it's being used for anything currantly..???
  10. I looked at adding support for Buggy Boy to MAMEoXtras a while back basically it needed a CPU Core updated on top of porting the driver, video, machine, Src files then a whole new sound core alotta work which i was prepaired to plod away at problem was the code being from newer MAME126 was not compatable with the MAME84 Core which MAMEoXtras uses so it needed to be done by someone with more coding experience than me IQ_132 for example For talking sake the general consensus was that Tatsumi games wouldn't run too well on the xbox however when i added the Tatsumi driver from MAME88 the games all played well enough although only Round Up 5 Super Delta Force a sorta Chase HQ rip off was fully working anyway i reackon Buggy Boy if ported to the older MAME84 Xbox MAME Core would play fine as it's an even older Tatsumi game than Round Up 5 etc etc but since the only fella who could doesn't have the time or desire to do so i guess we'll never know for sure
  11. I had the same issues with Rad Rally and Rad Mobile in the Arcade emulator i use in the end i just got rid of the games as no matter what settings i used the car wont control properly it's an Analog Control issue which is causing the problems.Maybe you'll get more advice about this if you post on the official CoinOPS forum But Im surprised to hear the games still have the same issues in CoinOPS as the developer of this frontend launcher always brags how he's fixed the analog input controls seems that for these games and others im sure thats not the case
  12. Hmm it might have a MAME150 core but i have my doubts!! surely if this was the case apart from Buggy Boy there would be other games not playable in FBA or the older versions of MAME CoinOPS uses that would be supported like World Rally or Big Fight Big Trouble In The Atlantic Ocean or Heavy Unit etc etc i'd take it with a pinch of salt if i was you
  13. After shifting the extra roms across did you then do a full rom/game rescan??? you'll find this option in the CoinOPS menu after selecting it the emu will do a rescan of the romlist and anything you added should then be displayed
  14. Any games you want to add have to be named a certain way that CoinOPS will recognise then foldered and set up correctly then they'll show in the Roms list There is a Read Me folder in the CoinOPS build that should contain the info you need other than that you may want to find the offical CoinOPS forum and ask about this on there
  15. Yeah few games like that Add PGM and some Kaneko supernova games to the list that need the Time and Date to be set
  16. 4000 or so games seems about right for the Offical full on CoinOPS 6 release BTW to update you just grab the latest version and drop it over the top of your existing build for example say you had COINOPS 6 R1 you go straight to CoinOPS 6 R16 you dont need every build inbetween You wont find the game packs on here to get em and the latest CoinOPS Version you'll need to find the offical site CoinOPS Project is what you should google
  17. Check emuxtras Fu ive got Pro-Gear up and running for ya
  18. Yeah ive done this before extracted roms then renamed the files and zipped em up again i was gonna say but assumed FU had tried this and ran into issues with trying to rename the Xor Rom files
  19. Sounds like the Romset you added is not correct for MAMEoX i'd try and Trackdown a Emu+Working Romset combo certainly i use MAMEoXtras which is a simple updated version of MAMEoX it supports many more games a quick google should help you track it down with a ready made working romset i created for it Also i'd recommend Final Burn Legends it plays quite a few Classic arcade games that dont work in MAMeoXtras and a whole host of games that play better using it
  20. This is another update to NES6502's Final Burn Legends. Final Burn Legends is a port of Final Burn Alpha 2.99.07 to the Xbox. It also includes parts of FBA-XXX Pro 1.29. And some of the latest FBA code over 2700 games are supported. Final burn Legends v1.15 whats New gamezfan emuxtras.net neosource.1emu.net -Special Thanks to: IQ_132 Dink and Treble Winner i used many of their FBA code additions and fixes in this release Madmab For adding the 128mb xbox launching code to Final Burn Legends BritneysPAIRS for sharing with me the graphical fixes for the Gladiator Road Of The Sword and SVG Spectral Vs Generation plus help and advice with adding the game rotation code +T+ For general advice and support plus pointing out a few games in need of fixes Neil222 For creating the lovely FBL Skin that this Emulator is using destronger Who's FBL sources i built this from SPPV For Supplying me with many FBL sources Floydthebarber for help with 128mb game testing Chaos for help with game testing *********************************************************************** *******Remember to refresh your game list in the option screen!!****************** ***********You may want to create your own dat list too.************************ **********Go to option at the dash board and create a dat file******************** *******go to tools in your fbl folder after you've FTP'd to it and run the************* ******************the file in RomCenter or ClrMAME************************** *********************************************************************** Special thanks to the neosource team for their continued releases of Final Burn Alpha. http://neosource.1emu.net/forums/index.php Full Source Code Included in the Release
  21. Rolling Crush isn't playable in this release FU there's no rom available for it ive just added it to my src is all
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XPPqJx2kfw
  23. the SNP might want to join Europe not sure if scots do though?? i guess there would have to be a referendum maybe we could also vote at the same time if we want to keep those royal Parasites as head of state or not But really im not sure scotland will vote to leave the UK being a unionist i'd rather stay but the thought of 5 more years of tory scum rule with the possibilty of a tory/Ukip coalition kinda makes me wanna vote yes Anyway ive kinda derailed this thread which was about Europe but one thing i cant understand is support for UKIP in the ole labour heartlands in Northern England?? i dont buy into the argument that UKIP are racist but to me there just like the torys only worse!! sure there policys on immigration and leaving europe are popular the only other policy ive heard from em is to issue vouchers to unemployed people to dictate what they can or cant spend em on alcohol cigs and SKY TV were mentioned as big no no's punishing benefit claiments is not the sorta policy i would vote for personally
  24. Funny isn't it the perception is everyone wants "in" to the UK where as my country could be "leaving" but if that fails the thought of a Tory/UKIP coalition might have me heading to Europe
  25. Enjoyed WM30 it was a good show with some cracking matches Legends Reunion HHH vs Daniel Bryan The Sheild Vs Kane and the New age Outlaws Andre the giant Memorial Battle Royal Hall Of Fame Bow John Cena vs Bray Wyatt The Streak Undertaker Vs Brock Lesner Divas Match Main Event 3 Way For the Heavyweight Title
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