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  1. i just cant resist helping out a fellow emu gamer in distress
  2. nope mameox.xbe and default.xbe are linked mixing and matching older or newer versions wont work there that was helpfull ive just saved ya some wasted time tryin this
  3. thx for not bein offended but no need to say sorry not your fault it must be an issue my end which ive completly ran outta patience with i just use screenshots to save space as for defragmenting my HDD never tried it will look into it cheers
  4. just wait for the standalone there will more than likely be one thats unlocked for coinops 4 at some point
  5. no way to disable that i know of unless you have 3000 games the last unlocked standalone was coinops 3 sunset you could always use that for your arcade fix maybe an unlocked coinops 4 version will be released some day
  6. hmmm ive put the roms through clrmamepro it picksup any rom name changes and will rename all files inside the rom zip as well everything is matched including the neogeo bios ive sourced new roms 3 times from different sites i would'nt come to the boards with rom issues without trying my hardest to get them going 1st ive been at this for days im gonna try once more with new roms and ill use the romcentre.dat this time anyway im not gonna bother any of you guys again with this if i cant sort it ill use the neogeocps2.xbe from 1.7 all my decrypts work except for metal slug 3 and sengoku 3 as the rom names have changed so i have to use full mslug3 + sengoku3 roms not ideal but it will do i guess BTW me using an earlier core is not ment to be a slur on your work destronger as im still using every other core in your release and im 100% thankfull for FBLv1.0 its just im down to the bare bones on my stock 8gb HDD if i cant get my decrypts workin then i would have to remove a lot of games to fit the full versions on
  7. ive just upgraded from 1.7 to the latest FBL release from destonger which is basicly FBL 1.9 with the code for the new ddp2 and demonfront games added by destronger "great work by the way" ive ran into some problems with my 8 neogeo decrypted roms i really need these as ive got a small stock HDD in my xbox ive tried everything to get them going they worked fine in FBL1.7 ive ran them through clrmamepro everything matches up so does the neogeo bios zip i used the dat included with the release clrmamepro reported no issues with the roms so cant see any reason why they wont load i get FBL encountered a problem message i tried the full versions of these roms and they work so im kinda scratching my head here so need to ask +T+ alot of changes in the neogeo driver in the FBA version which 1.9 is based on could this have affected the decypted neogeo roms???
  8. well thankyou BritneysPAIRS Ace9094 Chilly23 and everyone else who helped out for all the effort gettin this released hope to try it out sometime
  9. No offense gamez_fan... but I can't understand what you're saying!! Please proof-read before posting. ok i know what your saying it would be a really long post to explain the political situation we have here in the united kingdom i forgot im not just talking with emsley i at least hope he gets what im talking aboot anyway this topics kinda got derailed it was about the creeping power of the government but somehow turned to the matter of scottish independance from the rest of the united kingdom
  10. i dont wanna go im a unionist devo max would be what im after everything devolved except defence and foreign affairs so we tax and spend up here bascily get away from those tory scum millband is a wet drip he'll never win the next election i cant stand another what 8 years of tory rule they will destroy this country infact already started
  11. Self proclaimed scots man right GF? You are so close to independence!!! If you do it - others will follow and the "race" card will be made redundant. you know i like england its just the right wing cunts in the south i hate we are more socialist up here in jock land idd love the north of england to come with is your lefties like us
  12. still in my classic dance phase here's a bit of a tune http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GM81gHq0_s
  13. me and a few others recently tested a few midways it was to figure in which core the games would play best these are the results everyone kinda agreed on there was a performance diff for sure on a stock xbox mamexb6 mk narc nbajam nbajam te mame0.72 mk2 mk3 judge dredd rampage world tour umk3 wrestlemania 2on2 open ice challenge and nba hangtime never played well at all unless the mame0.72 core has been optimized since i played these
  14. you know apart from cameras on every street in the uk and now there gonna be reading your emails listening to your phone calls and watching everything you do online it's really only one step away from putting cameras by law into your own house guarantee in 25 years time it will be on the cards
  15. yes its that simple and you include the launch pointers in the roms folder and your set to go thing is there might be an issue if you remove mk2 from romsmidway folder and put it inside the romsmidway72 folder heres how according to the coinops FAQS you need all 5 roms in romsmidway or you might find coinops will launch the wrong rom say you click narc you might get nbajam this happened to me when i 1st set these games up in coinops 2 cause as im space saving alot i figured why have 2 nba jams that more or less play the same so i left tournament edtion out of the romsmidway and i had problems but hey presto put nbajamte back in and everything was sorted so that why i think if you shift mk2 across to romsmidway72 you might need to have another in romsmidway so narc etc will load correctly i guess if a coinops 4 standalone is released at some point i could try this out an see
  16. great work destronger one clap for each game beestorm ddp2 demonfront well done
  17. well i would have asked BritneysPAIRS himself on the chat board elseware but alas i could never follow the rules was just the same in school always gettin into trouble well im sure someone will mention this post to him at some point or maybe not anyway ive been thinking about the midway cores in coinops 4 and it's got me thinking in the FAQ's it states all midway roms must be roms midway folder or they might not load correctly these would be mamexb6 roms mk mk2 narc nbajam nbajamte thing is there's now another midway core in this emu based on mame0.72 theres a few midways that will now play full speed with sound using a added mame core now a few users and BP himself reakon mk2 plays better in mame0.72 im guesing here as i dont have the release but to launch mk2 in mame 72 wouldnt you have to move it to romsmidway72 folder thereby removing it from romsmidway folder would that not mess up the other midway games using mamexb6 with regards to how they load hmmmm might need to have 2 mk2 roms one in romsmidway and the other in romsmidway72 to sort that of course BP might have already sussed that and added a fix
  18. if this is the case then they can stick their next gen consoles up their arses i wont be buying one
  19. 1.9 is every bit as solid as 1.7, there is no reason to still be using that version. If destronger decides to roll back the CPS2 driver then I would advise using the one from 1.9 as it has additions and improvements over the outdated version that you're using. You need to understand that from a dev point of view, it isn't about just making the games run by any hacky means necessary; it's about emulating accurately with a solid codebase that's as close to the source program as possible. If you just want to play the games using drivers that are years old and don't particularly care for the emulation side of things then there are more suitable programs out there for you than FBL. EDIT: You're also entirely wrong in stating that no new sets have been added to the NeoGeo/CPS2 core since 1.7. i was going to make a point here but since im a user and you are infact a developer i concide that you would know your stuff so i respectfully withdraw my point as fumancho said earlier it's maybe a rom issue with gigawing and any issues i ran into with 1.9 could be sorted by getting a new up to date rom as you've stated many times varify a rom as it can still be incorrect but load anyway thereby giving the impression that theres an issue with a fbl release when infact it was a problem with the rom all along so what im sayin is if +T+ says use FBL 1.9 then thats the version to go with afterall he made it and would know Every CPS2 game that I have tried on my box, the screen comes up garbled and crashes. You can only hear the music. actually i just confirmed this myself. i tried gigawing, darkstalkers, and megaman2 which did as you discribed. well, it is a beta and issues will come up. i'm learning how to do this stuff. so you may want to go back to v1.9 for now and sorry for any inconvience. no need to apologize im sure most users understand that plus you did say it was a beta release anyway we do appreciate the work you've put into this and im sure i speak for everyone on here we cant wait to try out your new forthcoming FBL release im counting the days and i mean that bet ya its just a incorrect rom causing the problems and your beta release is spot on try a new gigawing rom i PM'd ya were to get it
  20. offten rumoured one last match at wrestlemaina hope it happens but wont hold my breath even if it does who could you pick from the wwe roster to create a dream match anyway?? hmm maybe lesner
  21. im still using 1.7 i ran into a whole host of issues with 1.8 1.9 FBL releases i have a whole load of cps2 and neogeo games in my set they all play fine including gigawing so without sounding cheeky rather than trying to fix one game would it be easier just to roll back the neogeocps2 driver/core to 1.7 no new games or sound additions have been added to these cores since 1.7 so nothing would be lost by doing this
  22. hope they bring heyman back as lesners manager they were a good double act been checkin out some of cenas early stuff when he was the doctor of thuganomics he was worth a watch back then
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