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  1. Cool little game this highly recommended thx for the headsup
  2. Good luck thats a big jump from 2 to 5
  3. Damn so hard to pick one as a favorite but ive always digged this tune http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRKNw477onU
  4. What FTP programe are you using ive never had any trouble transfering anything over using FlashFXP just for the record these game info ini files are just that they give you a small description of games in the rom list highlight a rom press start and choose game information i dont think they are really needed to play the games if you dont want them EDIT oh almost forgot i never keep the CoinOPS Read me folder i always delete it before transfering CoinOPS over to my xbox and ive never had any problems dont think it's really needed in order for the emulator to function
  5. Played the original demon souls and i must admit i did enjoy the game thing is though it was too hard having to reply the same area over and over to get that bit futher only to face an insanely difficult boss fight lose and have to repeat the level again.Not my idea of fun i had to resort to the soon as i die reset the console cheat so id start where i died with all souls intact.For the above reasons i gave dark souls a miss
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQDPp5hxFZQ Absolutely Mental
  7. Has it been nearly a year already time flys dont it Well it's almost time for wrestlemania 29 looking at the match list there's 3 i wanna see But Mark Hendry vs Ryback that's sure to stink up the arena a true pop corn match What matchups are you most looking forward to this wrestleMania
  8. It's over Nintendo should just focus on making the great games their famous for and release em Multi format anyone for Mario720
  9. Yeah it's on my radar as well totally enjoyed the last Metro game
  10. I remember this thread well id just joined the scene around this time after years of lurking around as an arcade fan it really was exciting everyday brought news of great new games playable for the 1st time on the xbox these would be included in FBL 1.4 the 1st update this emu had gotten for quite some time less than a year later ddp2 and demon front were also added to the mix halcyon days for sure thx to IQ_132 Nes kenshiro +T+ destronger and everyone else who helped make my FBL arcade emulation dreams come true not much happening arcade wise on the xbox just now hopefully things will pick up at some point
  11. more avatars like that and this site will pick up again in no time
  12. yeah i seen those packs i guess i could make my own best of sets but i would still have to replace my current dash with this one im gonna be honest not got much in the way of experence with this i could mess up and nuke my xbox i kinda focused on the emu side of things but if i read up about dashes im sure i'll figure it out thats what i mean when i say im lazy can i be arsed?? finding out i dont know
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDeND5LRAMg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCnNM9FR2v4 well it sure looks nice gotta say that but i dont plan on using it im lazy you see cant be arsed setting it all up ill just stick with my basic EvoX dash
  14. i voted NO i have a soft spot for 1emu as it was the 1st site i joined.i really hope things pick up again but im unsure if they will some other sites have downloads etc thats what keeps em afloat.
  15. cant argue with the above points emulation afterall is not worth going to jail over. but apart from things that are being sold in shops there are a whole host of games on Xbox Live or PS network that are also being emulated i wonder why Nintendo Sony sega etc are not sending out cease and desist notices about these games which can be played using (UME)
  16. BUMP so it's been a while now since cave sh3 drivers were removed from Mame can we expect them to make a comeback anytime soon or is it still to early i was also hoping to see em in FBA would that be on the cards at all also was wondering in theory could the xbox handle these games or is that an unrealistic expectation
  17. well many happy returns and all that who's gonna blow out the candle
  18. you know i have noticed a disturbing trend of late we now have coinops forum members routinely accusing each other of being trolls for even the slightest of reasons whats goin on certainly wasnt that way over there when i was a member a while back didnt see much wrong with the above post but then.... and hmm weird
  19. well he didnt like this comment apart from saying a few unkind words there is a 15 min video about steve jobs dont know if this is ment to be about himself or you +T+ BTW i never watched the video hmm dont see a post about this maybe he's changed his mind about 1emu and will let his community roam free on a seperate note some users discussing the limitations of playing psx games in coinops and this post caught my eye for sure 100% sound advice the thread only told half the story this post certainly completes the whole picture dont think these comments will be welcome though
  20. the folder has to be named correctly and goes inside main coinops folder try naming it videos or videosextra put your vids inside then FTP it across best of luck
  21. hmm what version of coinops 4 do you have if i remember right the video folders were changed with later coinops 4 versions BTW i have coinops 4 Fantastic and have 4 vid folders named....... videos videos2 videos3 videos4 my vids are in videos folder but im only running around 750 arcade roms and some arcadey PSX games but inside there's no file just individual xmv vids for every game i have Edit in Flashfxp select options/preferencies/transfer is transfer mode set to auto
  22. right daft question you did extract the folder using winrar??? Edit last thing i can think of is Flashfxp has options on how file types are handled maybe worth checkin these settings out
  23. what FTP programe do you use i have FlashFxp and ive never had any issues transfering anything EDIT hmm strange most coinops files are usually torrent rar'd you'll need to find some programe that can open this file and extract the videos which are inside
  24. well there you have it coinops 5 which as far as i understand is to be the last full release on the xbox from reading the coinops forum a while back i fully expect coinops 6 to be either on the android or xb360 platform unless plans have now changed now ive heard some opinions expressed that doubt BP's abillity to port coinops across to said platforms i for one will keep an interested eye on the situation see where coinops goes from here note to BritneysPAIRS im relaying what ive heard this is not a trolling comment designed to wind you up OK!!! best way to shut doubters up is to port it simple as
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