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  1. for the sake of not confusing anybody. the latest version of final burn legends is v1.12 optimized. that was the last one i released. see my sig pic... i posted this as i noticed that there wasn't a post about the latest version in this sub-forum for fbl. http://www.1emulation.com/forums/topic/34471-final-burn-legends-v112-optimized/
  2. this is obscene, it's uncalled for... shame on you fu for posting this!
  3. xbox stuff... [cough] emuxtras [cough] i would merge the xbox & xbox 360 forum. any releases worth mentioning for xbox360 always end up in the original xbox area anyway... nobody actually goes into the xbox360 section.
  4. alot of us xbox emu guys have a dedicated site from here and xbox-scene. over 20 of us regulars and those who drive by when we release something new. we got sick a certain mod here who drove us away.
  5. well, i'd be willing to try it... making packs is most likely easy. i don't like the massive video in the back though. i'd prefer some sort of graphic with the video and graphic fading into each other. similar to my samurai consoles skin i made for fbc. the vid would show a little more though. perhaps a emu pack?
  6. this site had a good run... it eventually will happen to any site. not to put a damper on things but if 1emu does close... is there a easy way to save my pm's at once? some stuff i like to check when working on final burn once and awhile...
  7. played this with my 5yr old son... not a easy thing to do.
  8. i think iq_132 made comment about sh3 over at neosource... edit: duh, it's on the first page of this post.
  9. you bring up a good point here +T+. when retro was released he seemed to scoff at it. the posters on his forum tried it and said it didn't compare to coinops... the thing is it wasn't supposed to. it was released to prove that the a lib emu could be ported to the xbox with a minimal interface per the dev's design. instead of assuming everyone is out to get bp, shouldn't he instead say that a release like that is a great addition to the scene. everyone else saw it that way...
  10. i appreciate sharpforks opinion. he helped me with my xbox arcade which is still in the works. @sharpfork: you know the whole story as to why bp is no longer trusted among the scene. 1) using other peoples sources and not recognizing them for their contribution. 2) not releasing his coinops source in a timely manner (although i'll admit i didn't release fbl sources very quick, sorry. they are out there). 3) his continuous banning and bully tactics when he was here at 1emu (1 strike for 1emu). the rest are personal pet-peeves: 4) he has no sense of humor. 5) his ability to write a proper sentence and/or paragraph is atrocious. it's a bad joke that he lives in the educated county of new zealand where english is the common/official language. some of the posters here and emuxtras write better when english is their second or third language. however, none of this will change your mind... many dev's of the past have left because of his involvement. you should note that all existing dev's in the scene are at emuxtras. that should tell you something. thanks for posting, we all appreciate your help in the scene.
  11. i was putting in some of those hacks for fbl but time... and a life got in the way.
  12. 14/10/12 thats a good one... nice to see you here ace... don't be a stranger.
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