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  1. games companys should be making it as easy as possible for fans to play their games thats why i never understoud region locking a game and nowadays we even get region blocks on xbox live surely if your a small games company and youve got niche game that might not sell that well as say gears of war it would make sense to put it on xbox live less cost no need for expensive packaging ie box game booklet and disc plus more people might buy the game on live than would import which means more profit FU you must have spend a fortune importing all these shumps how much do you think youve spent over the years
  2. theres loads of stories in the papers about prisoners who are doing a life sentence in some jails being able to bring in their own games console hope it never happens but if you got a life sentence which console would you want to help pass the 20+ years ahead
  3. i dont mind the summer drought gives plenty of time to checkout some games missed from the winter/spring rush plus you can pick them up cheaper now
  4. i enjoy playing the raiden fighters series,of course if you have a jtag 360 then you can always get raiden fighters aces which includes all 3 raiden fighters games.or you can emulate raiden fighters 2(2000) on mameox128 and coinops. loads of people have asked for raiden fighters over the years might just be the most request games for mame or fba want to ask you fumanchu whats the reasons for raiden fighters never being emulated on the xbox is it lack of power under the hood or that fact that it would be a major hastle for the developers to make it happen since we can now play raiden fighters 2 (2000) whats the odds of raiden fighters jet (2000) being playable in coinops at some point
  5. if you like the the raiden fighters series you might like viper phase 1 crackin game thats a spin off of raiden fighters by the same company
  6. todays court rulling in the uk to block the newzbin 2 file sharing link site from october to all bt isp customers and with maybe loads more to follow will this effect the future of emulation cos most emus and updates are released on these types of site cant get say fbl 1.4 if all the sites are blocked
  7. lightgun games are nearly unplayable in coinops due to the crosshare being hard to control unfortunately 2 of my fav games fall into this type operation wolf and zombie raid luckly the fbl emu is fantastic for lightgun games i use this to play operation wolf zero point etc would love to be able to play zombie raid in fbl what are the chances off this game being added to the playable games in fbl at some point
  8. hate to ask noob questions ive had loads of trouble with my emus roms etc but have looked for and found answers on here and elseware and sorted things myself so it does kinda pain me to ask do i wait for the coinops 3 update or can i add counter run to my coinops reignite x set ive already tried adding it but it doesnt boot ive renamed the rom renamed roms inside the zip file but according to mame maws only counter run bootleg set 1 works counterunb which was added mame 85 and wont showup in game list when i rescan after adding
  9. many thanks to all that made this happen
  10. Counter Run uses a driver that isn't currently part of FBA so you'd effectively be asking for a whole new driver to be ported. However the MAME driver should be easy enough to add to CoinOPS, it may not even require any changes I'm not sure it's been a long time since I did any work with MAMEoX drivers. thanks for your reply i should really just ask bp since i want the game for coinops but since he has left this site do you have any advice on who i could ask on here to pass on my request to bp for a driver update for counter run
  11. Would you believe thats exactly what BP was asking for in his CoinOPS irc channel just over an hour ago, now either your psychic or doing his dirty work for him. Not quite as noob and naive as you would have us believe are you ? first off i dont know bp have never spoken to him in fact i know absolutly no one on here its safe to say i dont know anyone in the emulation scene this is the only site ive joined and to be honest i only asked for driver update for counter run because its the only game i used to play in the arcades that wont work on coinops in fact i joined this site to ask for this game most of you might think its shite but its one of my favs hope this clears up any doughts over me
  12. i guess we will never know the reasons behind the beef with vince mcmahon randy takes it to the grave RIP macho you were a true legend OH YEAHHHHHHHH
  13. hi +T+ im a newbie here and feel ive not paid enough dues to be asking for anything but i know your tight with iq 132 any chance you could ask him if he ever gets some spare time could he maybe do a driver update for counter run so it plays on coinops or fbl ive tried everything to get it working myself but only bootleg b work and wasnt added til mame 85
  14. many many thanks for all your hard work when it comes to drivers you are the f1 champ
  15. im a newbie i admit that but as far as i know the current gen consoles are a real hastle to develop on hence the lack of retro emulation on the 360 ps3 etc and thats the reason were all hangin onto our xboxes with the next gen likely to be just as difficult and if the rumours are true the last in their current form ie download only after that with maybe no physical console to develop on do you think that console emulation has a future or will it die with the last gen
  16. i dont think the dev hangs here anymore so might be tricky to ask him maybe someone on here thats tight with BP could ask him for me
  17. i dont know if anyone ever said och aye the noo but the old scottish patters got me thinkin jings crivvens help ma boab how cool would be to play our wullie the video game
  18. i mind readin on gamecentral maybe 5 years ago about 2 jap boys who grew up together were best pals all their lives but fell out over which dragon ball z game was the best one said 5 one said 6 the argument got so heated they ended up stabbing each other one lost a lung and the other i think a kidney i mind laughing at the time cos bein a bit outspoken i would have said their both games are shite and they would have done me in
  19. ive no more tommy tales for 2 reasons firstly his uncle pulled out the biggest knife ive ever seen when about 10 off us were hanging at the shops and said go back near my sisters house and ill cut youse up needless to say we never did plus not long after the bust tommy owed the local drug barons a load of money and his whole family skipped town ive not seen him in over 20 years hey who knows maybe he no develops a often updated mame emu for the xbox
  20. heres mine back in the day when i hung with the young team there was about 20 of us and we all piled into wee tommys every night with 2 crates of beer a big lump for rollin some fatties and a snes console with super soccer tommys maw liked a drink and didne care who was in the house but she hated people smokin we played world cup knockout and made it like the fa cup draw 1st write down our names stick them in the baseball cap and pull them out tommy was crap at super soccer and always went out in the 1st round which ment he had to wait ages for his next turn and was always sayin one day ill win it well one night tommys on a roll hes one every game and got to the semi final im gonnae win it he keeps sayin and then the front door crashes in its the drug squad and were gettin busted now their looking all over the house and gettin ready for the strip searches but wee tommy doesne want to stop hes in the semi final its his big chance maybe his only chance to win it the big policeman says ive never been in bust like it you dont seem to care youre only instrested in this game to which wee tommy says theres nae dope left weve smoked it awe and i want tae win this he never was the sharpest at which point his maw must a woken up cos she comes threw and says ya b......ds i telt yae no smoke in here wee tommys says maw im winning at world cup fitba there no gonna find anything she then picksup the snes throws it out the window and says f..k your fitba that was a true story and the end off our snes fitba nights and the end of wee tommys dream of winning world cup knockout
  21. me and my mates all had a speccy 48k those were the days i mind the commie 64 crew youd all say my pcs got better graphics and music and we all said but the speccys got more games and and there a quid cheaper we must have been the original fanboys
  22. mines 2007 knew nothing about emulators had a ps2 so in january decided to get a xbox and a gamecube to play some of the top exclusives idd missed and heres the games i played ps2 okami god of war 2 tomb raider anniversary xbox halo oddworld strangers wrath half life 2 ninja gaiden black starwars knights of the old republic 1+2 jet set radio future fable chronicles of riddick escape from butcher bay panzer dragoon orta project gothem racing gamecube pikmin 1+2 legend of zelda wind walker legend of zelda twilight princess paper mario thousand year door super mario sunshine go on list the games you played in your best gaming year
  23. sorry for the newbie questions im running coinops reignite x can anyone post a list of new playable arcade games added to coinops since my version ive searched all over this form and xb scene cant seem to find one also im missing one classic game idd like to play again its the sega racer counter run only bootleg set 1 works but not on my emu does this game now work in coinops 2
  24. arcade chase hq flying shark metal slug 1-3 do don pachi bonks adventure wonderboy paperboy operation wolf double dragon megadrive streets of rage series sonic 1+2 sonic 3d dynamite headdy zombies ate my neighbours snes final fight series super mario world 2 super adventure island legend of zelda crono trigger
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