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  1. Thanks for sharing these FU although MameoXtras v1.1 will be released shortly with everything that was in the update pack plus another game now playable
  2. As Bambi said might be the HDD is too small for the full CoinOPS install Also might be some of the File names are too long i think the xbox has a limit on how many words can be used in a File This problem appears on the CoinOPS forum quite a lot maybe you could ask over there
  3. There was a screen tearing bug in MameoXTRAS v1 which affected the games we have now fixed this thanks to HK$ for the info the above download link has now been changed to the new fixed version standalone
  4. EmuXtras Presents.... A gamezfan and destronger co-production MAMEoXtras v1.0 Fixed version Screen Tearing issue sorted Thanks to HK$ for the info MAMEoXTRAS Contains(Coding by Erik Abair, opcode, luckyMIC, superfro, XPort, bendermike, Ebsy, HK$, IQ_132, gamezfan, destronger, cbagy, And BritneysPAIRS.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.emuxtras.net This Is An Update To MameDOX Based On Version 1.1 It contains New Updated Driver Work By IQ_132 BritneysPAIRS And gamezfan Plus Brand Spanking New Skins By destronger and cbagy Thanks to cbagy for lightgun fixes And bigby for the new dat file Big Thanks To.... MadMab +T+ Destronger Cbagy Bigby IQ_132 hcf Waal XtecutorX73 For help guidance and support Thx alot guys couldn't have done it without you New Games Now playable Have Added Sound Support Or Speedhacks In This Release Quote:Osman (Now Playable) Boogie Wings (Now Playable) Double Dragon (Hacked to run fast) Charlie Ninja (Now Playable) Party Time : Gonta the Diver II (Now Playable) Rohga Armor Force (Now Playable) DJ Boy (Now Playable) Cabal (Now Playable with 3 button for rolling) Squash (Now Playable) Thunder Hoop (Now Playable) Bubble Bobble Updated rom (Now Playable) Fix Eight bootleg (Now Playable) Task Force Harrier (Now Playable) Air Attack (Now Playable) Bioship (Now with Sound) Macross 1 and 2 (Now with Sound) Black Heart (Now with Sound) Gunnail (Now with Sound) Acrobat Mission (Now with Sound) Vandyke (Now with Sound) Koutetsu Yousai Strahl (Now with Sound) Exciting Hour (Now Playable) Mat Main (Now Playable) Mania Challenge (Now Playable) Avenging Spirits (Now Playable) Joe & Mac Returns (Now Playable) Chain Reaction (Now Playable) Magical Drop (Now Playable) Magical Drop Plus 1 (Now Playable) Multi Champ (Now Playable) Multi Champ Deluxe (Now Playable) Head Panic (Now Playable) Tang Tang (Now Playable) SWAT Police (Now Playable) Dream World (Now Playable) Diet Go Go (Now Playable) Night Slashers (Now Playable) Night Slashers (Uncensored Versions) with blood and gore (Now Playable) Fighters History (Now Playable) Skull Fang (Now Playable) World Cup Volley 95 (Now Playable) Hoops 96 (Now Playable) Dunk Dream 95 (Now Playable) Avengers In Galactic Storm (Now Playable) Escape Kids (Now Playable) Bonks Adventure (Now Playable) Explosive Breaker (Now Playable) Blood Warrior (Now Playable with a little background glitches) Shogun Warriors (Now Playable) Fujiyama Buster (Now Playable) B Rap Boys (Now Playable) Some Graphic Glitches B Rap Boys Special (Now Playable) Some Graphic Glitches Thunder Heroes (Now Playable) Riot (Now Playable) Twin Action (Now Playable) Stagger I (Now Playable) Red Hawk (Now Playable) Guardian Storm (Now Playable) Sen Jin (Now Playable) Bubble 2000 (Now Playable) Hot Bubble (Now Playable) Pop's Pop's (Now Playable) Mang-Chi (Now Playable) Spectrum 2000 (Now Playable) Fire Hawk (Now Playable) Mighty Warriors Ironclad (Now Playable) Tetris The Absolute Grand Master 2 (Now Playable) Tetris The Absolute Grand Master 2 Plus (Now Playable) Double Dragon 3 (Japanese and Clones Now Playable) Cosmic Alien (Now with Sound) Bakuretsu Breaker (Now Playable) US Mustang (Now Fixed) Hacha Mecha Fighter (Now Playable) Street Fighter 1 (Hacked to run fast) Neo Pong (Now Playable) Gun Master (Now Playable) Recalhorn (Now Playable) Bang Busters (Now Playable) Counter Run (Now Playable) Donkey Kong 2 (Hack Added) Donkey Kong Foundry (Hack Added) Baryon (Now Playable) Final Fight (Hack Added) Virtua Fighter 1 (Playable) Metal Slug 6 (Hack Added) Golden Tee 3D golf (Now Playable) Golden Tee 97 (Now Playable) Golden Tee 98 (Now Playable) Golden Tee 99 (Now Playable) Golden Tee 2k (Now Playable) Golden Tee Classic Golf (Now Playable) Title Fight (Now Playable) F1 Grand Prix Star 2 (Now Playable) Twin Cobra 2 (Now Playable) Hyper Street Fighter 2 (Now Playable) Sound and full sample support added for...... * Vanguard * Sasuke vs. Commander * Satan of Saturn * Zarzon * Fantasy * Pioneer Balloon * Nibbler Playable with some issues Quote:Flying Tiger (now Playable) Some Wrong Colours Bubble Bobble 2 The Return Of Super Drunk (Now Playable) A little slow Double Wings (No Sound Cant Add Coins) boots with coin added in game reset always adds a coin Vamp 1/2 (Now Playable) Slow on stock xboxes maybe upgraded boxes will play it better?? Reinstated Some Drivers Which Had Support Removed like..... Quote:Nintendo Playchoice Nintendo VS Fixed The following Multi Screen Games To Load Full Screen TV Aspect Quote:Darius Darius 2 Lode Runner The Dig Fight Tecmo Bowl The Ninja Warriors Warrior Blade Rastan Saga 3 Vs Nintendo Dual Screen Full VMM Testing Done All games should now load without having to adjust the VMM settings except for NightSlashers japan and NightSlashers Overseas Rev Games with Analog control Fixes Button Remappings etc Quote:88 Games 720 APB Arkanoid Returns Bad Lands Bigrun 11th Rally Camel Try Centipede Championship Sprint Chase HQ Chequered Flag Continental Circus Crystal Castles Demolition Derby Discs Of Tron Double Axle Enduro Racer Escape Planet Of The Robot Monsters Gotcha Mini Game Festival Grand Prix Star F1 GP star 2 Hydra (Fixed Pedal to start Game) Hyper Sports Hyper Olympics Jurassic Park Marble Madness Milliped Missle Command Numan Athletics Night Striker Outrun Outrunners Pole Position Pole Position 2 Prebillion Road Blasters Road Riots Revenge Road Runner Sega Sonic The Hedgehog Special Criminal Investigation Steel Gunner Steel Gunner 2 Super Sprint Tempest The irritating Maze Thunder Ceptor Top Speed Track N Field Wec-Le-Mans Mapped some Gun Games to use the D-Pad makes controlling the crosshair with the gamepad easier Quote:Alien 3 The Gun Bang Battle Shark Beast Busters Chiller Dragon Gun Egg Venture Deluxe Lethal Justice Mechanised Attack One Shot One Kill Operation Wolf Operation Thunderbolt Operation wolf 3 Police Trainer Space Gun Steel Gunner Steel Gunner 2 Tickee Tickets Zero Point Zero Point 2 Zombie Raid Added Cheat Support For..... Quote:Osman Boogie wings Double Wings Title Fight Charlie Ninja Rogha Armour Force DJ Boy Progear Thunder Hoop Joe N Mac Returns Dream World Diet Go Go Bonks Adventure Night Slashers Skull Fang Thunder Heroes Riot Swat Police Fix Eight Gun Master Counter Run Virtua Fighter 1 Golden Tee Golf Games Twin Cobra 2 Turned On Blood/Violence in these games Quote:Dungeon Magic Metal Slug Games Night slashers Overseas Rev Shock Troopers Switched Bonks Adventure to English Language Switched Ironclad from Spanish to English Fixed The End Of Level Crash In Rampage World Tour New Dat File Included Updated Help File For General Usage Tips Press Start And Choose Help Q How do i install this emulator A See below First check your xbox E:\Tdata\4d414d46 folder to make sure there is no previous save file folder inside it If there is it will be called system just remove it before booting MAME0XTRAS for the 1st time To install on your Xbox HDD just simply pick your preferred emulator folder and FTP it across Q My roms dont work A Use the dat provided in romcentre to scan against your romset and make your roms compatable with this emulator Q Ive used the dat and still my roms wont work A Lucky for you ive upped a copy of my romset to my Repo Folder Q How do i skip warnings before the games load A In the main menu make sure all skip warning settings are enabled Q What games does this play A Mame arcade games only Q Does it play console games A Dont be a daftie Q Does it play Final Burn Legends Arcade Games A Nope use FBL v1.12 TODO Add HD Support Add Video Preview Support 100% LOCK FREE 100% RESTRICTION FREE The Way It Should Be Enjoy destronger and gamezfan MAMEoXTRAS v1.0 Fixed http://www52.zippyshare.com/v/44168490/file.html MAMEoXTRAS v1.0 Fixed Source http://www39.zippyshare.com/v/76305393/file.html
  5. Nope you dont need to install all previous updates just the latest say R22 in theory you could go from R3 straight to R22
  6. Your sure i mean well Ha Ha i can find what your after in a 2 sec google search i cant link you too it against site rules but here's a hint there's an offical site maybe you should search for CoinOPS 5 freeforums
  7. You start by grabbing Coinops 5 Full Version As for where to find it use google
  8. Keep in mind this is only an update it's locked to only work with full CoinOPS 5 version
  9. Been playin some of my ole 90's dance music tapes and up pops this tune haven't heard it in years still sounds good Classic Dub Step http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wt9UyhTH87A
  10. Im just thinking it would be easier to port a XBMC based emu/dashboard project to a system that has XBMC already ported to it rather than attempt a full blowin emulator port from one system to another from scratch but hey i could be wrong.I feel RetroArch is the most likely to turn up quicker as it more or less based on it's abillity to be easily ported across many platforms
  11. Not heard anything yet might be a case of it's too early just now and to watch this space I reckon best bet for a quick port would be Retroarch Im not sure you would see CoinOPS on any other platform but the Xbox as it would have to be ported from scratch is BP up to the task?? time will tell i guess that rings true for all xbox emulators would the current developer of said emulators have the abillity to do a port to another system?? I would think there's more chance of BP's Vision/HyperSpin or UnleasherSpin projects being ported somewhere else as they are based on XBMC im thinking they would be easier to port if the target console/platform say ouya already had an XBMC port to begin with
  12. Having the box and manual will always add value you could always list em on ebay individually to maximise the profit for each game as for how to store em not sure we dont get much hot and humid weather here in Scotland BTW did you test the games to see if they work
  13. Cool little game this highly recommended thx for the headsup
  14. Good luck thats a big jump from 2 to 5
  15. Damn so hard to pick one as a favorite but ive always digged this tune http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRKNw477onU
  16. What FTP programe are you using ive never had any trouble transfering anything over using FlashFXP just for the record these game info ini files are just that they give you a small description of games in the rom list highlight a rom press start and choose game information i dont think they are really needed to play the games if you dont want them EDIT oh almost forgot i never keep the CoinOPS Read me folder i always delete it before transfering CoinOPS over to my xbox and ive never had any problems dont think it's really needed in order for the emulator to function
  17. Played the original demon souls and i must admit i did enjoy the game thing is though it was too hard having to reply the same area over and over to get that bit futher only to face an insanely difficult boss fight lose and have to repeat the level again.Not my idea of fun i had to resort to the soon as i die reset the console cheat so id start where i died with all souls intact.For the above reasons i gave dark souls a miss
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQDPp5hxFZQ Absolutely Mental
  19. Has it been nearly a year already time flys dont it Well it's almost time for wrestlemania 29 looking at the match list there's 3 i wanna see But Mark Hendry vs Ryback that's sure to stink up the arena a true pop corn match What matchups are you most looking forward to this wrestleMania
  20. It's over Nintendo should just focus on making the great games their famous for and release em Multi format anyone for Mario720
  21. Yeah it's on my radar as well totally enjoyed the last Metro game
  22. I remember this thread well id just joined the scene around this time after years of lurking around as an arcade fan it really was exciting everyday brought news of great new games playable for the 1st time on the xbox these would be included in FBL 1.4 the 1st update this emu had gotten for quite some time less than a year later ddp2 and demon front were also added to the mix halcyon days for sure thx to IQ_132 Nes kenshiro +T+ destronger and everyone else who helped make my FBL arcade emulation dreams come true not much happening arcade wise on the xbox just now hopefully things will pick up at some point
  23. more avatars like that and this site will pick up again in no time
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