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  1. well from what i can gather it has been released i guess it will be available to those who want it on UG very soon some release info Locks are enabled Full 3800 games required Standalone 3000 games required Lite 350-500 games no more no less
  2. the guy only wanted to know when coinops 5 was due out i guess he wont ask again
  3. ach BP it's all just a little fun thats what this scene needs . this did make me chuckle master-baters _________________
  4. a women once told me its not quantity but quality that counts or was it quantity over quality anyway just cos somethings popular doesnt make it the best
  5. hmm above post quote has been changed to this maybe he was right to fear the big ban hammer
  6. not a crime to ask when coinops 5 will be available alotta edgy users over there well coinops 5 is finished should be out at somepoint maybe this weekend
  7. i mean games new to coinops at any rate. must admit i dont collect hacks i just have the original games alotta the time i dont feel much has been added to justify me having them but i guess playing as boss characters is always cool
  8. i guess these are the 6 new games http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3uq_9WNXVI&feature=plcp
  9. more FBL info would have been good to read what these games are finally playable alotta requests for this game over the years
  10. thx for the heads up do ya need to have a gold account to get this???
  11. oh almost forgot there's another anniversary comming around its nearly 1 year since the meltdown over at emulab 14/10/12
  12. sure 50GB aint much i guess there would need to be new stuff or most wont see the point of DL another full build not that we had much info to report about new stuff of late what happened to that top reasons countdown anyway nice to see ya ace your always welcome here no matter how you write your day/month/year
  13. hmm another interesting fact that site will be 1 year old soon surely that site cant be close to having more posts than the whole of 1emulation EDIT its not even close COPS site total posts 11,975 this site 340,087
  14. dont think he will get much joy with this request i cant see mame devs having dumped these games and holding em back they would have been added to mame by now basicly adding these clones would have made em play different instead of rotary controls which can a pain in the ass these are joystick hacks which mean your player character will shot in which ever way you point em instead of having to turn em all the time handy for games like ikari warriors guerrilla wars etc there's a couple of games like this in FBL ikari warriors 3 has bootleg joystick clone and SAR-search and rescue has a dip option to change the control method from rotary to joystick makes playin em easier
  15. so there is hey if you click it real fast you get a disco kinda feelin
  16. congrats!!!!!!! great aint it to be free to do what ya wanna do wait a min did i just say that http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3O9sLkn3nz0 rules are for people who dig MC HAMMER
  17. have you noticed how bleak and depressing that site looks compared to most i mean its totally devoid of any colour except for red alotta red on that site dont know about you guys but i always associate the colour red with danger BTW great to see waal back at 1emu hope to see more old faces return
  18. more warnings............ loads of busy sites around im a member of quite a few id say from what ive seen COPS site aint exactly bursting at the seams on the subject of warnings i dont see his warning to users pinned thread anymore
  19. i guess this means no sources for you
  20. hmmmm it seems 1emu is now on the offical banned sites list
  21. here's BP's answer with regards to FBL sources
  22. i tryed to keep it big but it went all small story of my life
  23. you mean this source.... i guess its easy to obtain if someone wants to get their hands on it
  24. some final burn stuff i imagine one of the new games will be cyber tank more bug fixes apparantly......... would be good to read what issues were fixed
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