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  1. For testing should anyone wanna tryout the game with the missing lighting effects now supported https://github.com/Robbbert/store1/pull/24
  2. @Robert https://mametesters.org/view.php?id=2002 ShumpMAME version 3.0 and later have a fix for the above......... -Fixed Elevator Action Returns so that the lighting during the game works properly, shooting lights etc. will make rooms go dark as it does on pcb, it seems like a minor fix, but this effect is used a lot during the game and was sorely lacking
  3. On the subject of hacks there is one which enables the lights on and off graphical effects for Elevator Action 2 aka Elevator Action Returns which are missing in current MAME last time i checked. I dunno if you already support that code in this project.?? but it might be worth looking at the shmupmame sources if you dont. I know FBN dev added it several years back. Regards
  4. Yes i was giving him the benefit of the doubt in the sense if he has no more dumps to share then there is no other reason for him to post on here again hence maybe it's a simple case of he didn't spot your message as he's not been back. I think your right though it's not worth my time contacting him so i'll leave it be although i fail to understand why changing the licenece would be such a big deal for him.??.
  5. The reason i asked was to ascertain whether you PM'd the guy or not i'll do it myself as there are other non MAME non ole 2003 core arcade emulation projects which would benefit from the licence being changed, i wasn't attempting to start any drama on here. Regards.
  6. Well Robert it's been over two weeks and no reply as yet, it could simply be he's not visted the site in that timeframe.?? maybe it's worth sending him a pm on this matter if you haven't already as at least that way he'll see it via his inbox. Regards.
  7. Puzzler https://i.imgur.com/7Qt4h2j.png Does this mean im only the second person ever to emulate this and play it
  8. Thanks again sounds like a card game, so that's three outta the five games you had shared out a good ratio there pity about the DECO CASS games as we'll likely never see em again.
  9. And for fun this is how it looks with plain ole M62 Tiles https://imgur.com/gUAVops Candycane anyone
  10. It's the data on the MCU we need with regards to extraction then the game will be fully playable
  11. Hi there thanks for sharing this incredibly rare prototype Regards
  12. Oh it doesn't use the midway drivers, it runs on Itech32 hardware being a joint effort between Midway and Incredible Technologies funny enough i had it up and running in both MAMEoX72 and MAMEoXtras it performs the same more or less it both cores it's way to slow to be playable on the xbox as per some other games in that driver like say Drivers Edge or Street Fighter The Movie. TBH i never meant to support this one on the xbox as going how the above games performed and the fact there are no speedups for the game and it uses some nifty photo realistic gfx as per NBA Jam etc etc i knew it was gonna be slow hence my target was always just going to be add it to test it out make sure it works and then port it across MAME2003+.
  13. Well i did add it for testing purposes to my own MAMEoXtras build before i then ported it across to the MAME2003+ core Trust me the xbox does not have the power under the hood to emulate this game correctly it's unplayable more or less.
  14. With regards to the Jackie Chan games set your FBL build to SD mode rather than HD and they should work.
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