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  1. ahh memories were showin our age here FU two old timers BTW PM replyed
  2. well it is a bug that causes the game to randomly lock up it was fixed in mame 0.114u2 BritneysPAIRS says he has fixed this bug now and i assume the game should now play fine in coinops midway 72 core so i say a big thankyou to BP for fixing this as its one of my favorite games yes i was guessing and wishing it would work thats why i posted hopeing you would fix it in midway72 core ive already thanked you for doin so bug info http://www.mameteste...id=690#bugnotes EDIT bp has now fixed a graphical error in rampage wt i would think it is perfect now in coinops midway core thx again to BP for sorting this info herehttp://www.mametesters.org/view.php?id=750
  3. yeah i guess your right must be a vmm error its available in arcade treasures i do have a cough cough special version of this rom ill stick with that for now as i cant get it to play right in either mame0.72 or the midway72 core in coinops
  4. yeah FU i remember it played it on my speccy way back when thx for the info BTW been tryin to PM ya but your inbox is full
  5. hmm ive tried rampage world tour in the original mame0.72 emu and the same thing happens random game freezes always at the end of a level played both 1.3 and 1.1 roms same thing happens there must be a bug with this game in mame72 or maybe its just my xbox
  6. hmm a little of everything mexican italian chinese indian cajun
  7. i used to love a fish supper but where i live seems you cant get a decent one anymore for 2 reasons 1) they use this horrible long life cooking oil it does all sorts of tricks with my stomach and bowels chippy food should always be cooked in beef dripping or lard 2) back in the day most chippies or greasy spoon cafes were owned by italians where i live every chippie was like that ill say one thing about the italians they knew how to make good chippie grub but nowadays its the kebab shop crew that have taken over all the chippies in my area and the food has went right downhill
  8. it's a cool emu loads of console stuff been added since 3 its worth havin if your into consoles thats for sure i do like the new skins im mostly 90% into the arcade side of coinops and it hands down beats any other out there for total games it can play but arcadewise it's my opinion that not an awful lot has been added since last release TBH i wanted it for the new mame72 core just rampage world tour to have sound and play faster in mame side of things i do have a rip of rampage that plays perfect already i guess i would have added mk3 as well so without sounding ungrateful as i know alot of work has gone into this by a good few people im just gonna stick with my coinops 3 arcade only sunset version for good now cant see me upgrading ever agian same goes for all my emus im happy with what ive got ach all this fuss and carry on just to try rampage world tour in coinops 4 i must be aff ma heid steppin back for a while less postin more game playin startin with dark souls but as big arnie says ill be back
  9. well since im not using an offical build im in no way sayin this is a bug not at all but just thought id mention this anyway maybe someone with a full offical coinops 4 set could load up rampage world tour (version with sound using mame72) and give it a quick 10 mins or so playthrough and see how it plays for you as ive ran into a few issues basicly the game can randomly lock up at the end of any level the furthest ive ever got is barcelona level it always locks for me there but not the emu just the game as you can reset the game again or return back to rom list i tried removing the nvram for this game and loaded it again but same thing freezes at the end of any random level i
  10. anyway on seperate note cant believe that some people actually think im in anyway to blame for the current situation regarding how coinops is released ponder this topical point all through history when human kind have come up against a brick wall or any obsticle they have always done their best to overcome it either by going over around or under it failing that they try and smash through it i guess what im sayin is it was obvious this was going to happen eg people would try and outwit the locks its human nature so rather than getting all upset about it maybe best just to accept that there was always gonna be someone who tried it
  11. to be honest +T+ i dont feel like doin that as ive done no work on this emu its not mine to release plus i dont dislike BP i just couldnt follow the rules on his site nothing new in that ive had trouble following rules my whole life he has been good to me in the past quite a few times id really be stickin the knife in his back if i did this so for the above reasons i WONT be releasing or sharing this out sorry folks
  12. well ive made myself a coinops 4 standalone using the 2 beta releases ive stripped out all the console cores the emulator is only 250mb now and im now gonna use emunewbies helpfull unlock file to get it working thx alot emunewb for that helpfull file hmmmmmmmm what games to try 1st BTW some might believe im doin this to to cause offence but no im just doin this cause i want to try out the mame72 games hope ya had these setup correctly emunewbie hmm the save file is different for the beta after i loaded it i just swapped the files over i deleted the beta save and used emunewbies one although i did have to reneame it from acade444 to acade4aa
  13. there will be no standalone coinops 4 release anymore no word on a possible lite release at the moment
  14. hmm there are 2 other ways that would allow you to rescan and customise your set the dummy file method 1) make all your arcade games favorites in your rom list so not to mix these up with the dummys your gonna add 2) create a script on your pc to make empty dummy zip files you need to make 3000 3) use a mame84 dat to name all your empty zips so they are named like mame roms 4) FTP these across to your coinops set put them in your rom folder and rescan coinops now thinks you have 3000+ roms and will unlock plus you can rescan now as well the add more arcade games method 1) make all your arcade games favorites in your rom list so not to mix up your games with the ones your gonna add 2) find and add as many arcade roms as it takes to put you over the 3000 rom limit and put these into your roms folder now rescan BTW the BAED 3 disc is good for this method as it has way over 3000 arcade games on it you can rescan using this method as well
  15. do us a big favor and torrent that puppy at u***********g***********... i will seed it too!! according to BritneysPAIRS it's releases like these that cause all the problems for newbie users and support headaches for the devoloper its the reason why locks are enabled
  16. yeah i know ace but this is no good to me personally ive got a 8gb HDD with 500mb left so a standalone is the only version for me ill wait for one if it doesnt come then ill stick with coinops 3 @BritneySPAIRS i dont remove the console cores for the fun of it i dont use console games in coinops so whats the point in keeping cores folders files for consoies that i dont want or need in my set??? they take up room on my HDD space i can ill afford to sacrifice why have cores when i can have more games easy choice to make and since i never share my build or release it then i dont know how that is hurting users in the community if i cant remove unwanted cores then ill stick with coinops 3 and thx for this emu
  17. well im sorry for digging up past comments its just when i read a statement that your xbox is keeping and eye on you maybe i got the wrong end of the stick i assumed that to mean there is something in coinops monitoring how you use it and with talk of traps and revenge maybe there would be consequences if you upgraded to later version having unlocked this release as i said ive more than likely picked things up wrong but comments like the above dont help and i still mind what was said last year anyway i wont be unlocking coinops 4 ill wait for a offical standalone release if it never happens then ive still got all the arcade i could ever want in coinops 3 and FBL im out of this conversation now maybe emunewbie will post how he unlocked coinops 4 for those that wanna try it
  18. hmm alot of talk about revenge and traps at the moment the your xbox is watching you comments kinda got me thinking there once was a phrase used what was it again yeah write to bios and erase your xbox HDD ive never forgot that so that might be the punishment for using a locked version of coinops that you unlock yourself think ill just leave coinops for the moment till i see guarantees that wont happen there's no way im using a product if it could have the potential to harm my xbox really whats this all about i just wanna play a few arcade games on my xbox for fuck sake EDIT::: i think il be sneaky and sit back and wait to see what happens to other emu users who unlock coinops 4
  19. yeah apparantly virtua cop 3 will work in coinops 4 but only if you have an upgraded 128meg xbox
  20. thx for your reply my question was hypothetical it wasnt aimed at any perticular project or developer either
  21. i did try the romcentre.dat 1st its the one i normally use but clrmame threw up the dat is not complete error that was the dat from 1.10 FBL 1.9 was a fix update from 1.8 as i understand it so ill source a romcentre.dat from 1.8 and 1.9 and run my roms through it one more time it would be far simpler to as you said complile a dat myself but i cant FTP into my xbox at the moment dont have the cables anymore to do that so any dat i complie is stuck on my xbox ill try one last time if it works great if not i have a compromize and i wont bother anyone about this again thx for the replys
  22. topical point +T+ no harm intended but say that you or infact anyone could help out with a mame emu say just for talkin sake you were a driver expert and could easily get more arcade games working eg sengeki striker or fixing the midway core for mortalkombat etc etc would the fact that this emu is locked put you off helping out as because its locked it would limit how many users could enjoy your work afterall im sure everyone in the scene who puts there talents to good use would want as many people as possible to benefit from it
  23. yeah that would certainly work but not for me as ive got a stock 8gb HDD on my xbox so no joy well this topic is gettin people riled elseware were just havin a debate about the locks not exactly trolling is it this situation does annoy me my posts reflected that last night so i edited them so not to inflame the situation but it didnt seem to works the locks might be here to stay forever now oh well at least ive got FBL for my arcade fix
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