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  1. it was ment to be a gamecube exclusive but after rare's fall out with Nintendo and purchase by microsoft it switched and became an xbox exclusive which as you know ended up released for the 360 wonder if any other game was an "exclusive for 3 different consoles
  2. hmm seems that video issue is still there
  3. well you could try this im gonna be honest they could make it super platinum id still never use a torrent site plus i have no interest in a full coinops build hell i just deleted one from my xbox
  4. video seems the same as the 1st sure its looks good gotta say that but need to tear off the wrapper and see whats underneath from what ive seen so far gamelist seems the same but we'll see whats changed come release time also seems some "new stuff" didnt make the cut so users after DL a full coinops 5 set will still need to upgrade
  5. here ya go http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7yn6spOAFI
  6. some new skins and marquees looks nice i guess but pretty pictures dont do it for me ill need to see what new games play that were not playable in the last cop 4 release also alot of claims of faster console cores etc that nearly all games now play better cant tell if thats the case from watching that small video clip i guess the prof will be in the pudding if i ever take a bite
  7. i guess it will be upto the community maybe a poll will decide
  8. well it seems it wont be locked skin wise
  9. latest pics hmm COPs site info super imposed over the top of the images this post might infringe site rules if so i appologise
  10. he has a private section on his forum for "trusted members" i would assume thats where all the info and dev updates are posted from what ive read the release has been put back to some time in november something to do with new videos
  11. thx for the info and big thanks also to madmab for this cool update timings great ive just sorted my coinops FBL snes genesis gameboy spectrum and c64 best of sets and im just now gonna do a best of psx set for myself this new release has come at the right time
  12. i would imagine that the Betas will only be available to trusted members of that site who have both private forum and FTP access betas will more than likely be standalone type build
  13. off topic post ive edited to stay on topic
  14. yeah totally agree best to split the midways across both mameox 0.72 and mameXb6 as some play better in each version
  15. isnt Final Burn Legends based on newer mame versions i think the latest FBL release is based on 0.144u1 with some newer PGM drivers that added support for both ddp2 and demon front
  16. that would be interesting... can you imagine this actually happening it would end up a riot "you said this about my emulator" "well you posted that about me" tables and pints would be flying everywhere everyone would end up in the jail
  17. ach i wont even waste my time trying
  18. oh im not so sure thats a good idea seems he wants all coinops users to come here and call us out some people believe what they read on the internet things could get ugly
  19. when i grow up i wanna be able to post big small and faded writing just like you
  20. yip the top 50 coundown is cancelled cos of me i started this thread cos i was bored one day done the same thread over at the zone and ive had nothing but grief from BP eversince but bein the kinda fella that likes to finish what i start maybe ill update this countdown if and when more info is forthcomming as for getting in trouble we have a saying where im from "i jist couldnae gie a fuck bigchap"
  21. whoops i might have upset ya by saying coinops for arcade what i meant to say in post was a newer coinops than epic r9 for arcade as well as FBL V1.11 thats the setup i have sometimes what im thinking doesnt come across that way in the posts
  22. some good solid advice there although i would recommend a newer version of coinops for your arcade fix as some more games are playable eg raiden fighter jet 2000 etc
  23. its posts like em that get me in trouble elseware but wait destronger we havn't seen the top 50 reasons yet maybe there be something that rocks your socks
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