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  1. Ok, thanks. I've been hearing things about that guy being weird/nuts lol. Even if his threat is true for CO5, I could always just use the previous version coinops4 right?
  2. Ok, thanks for telling me. It would be good to learn how to do it on my own eventually. Heres one of his xbox's on the marketplace on ISOzone...http://theisozone.com/market/items/item-1f5332c457/ He has a list of all the emulators he installs. What do you think? BTW. I decided to wait until Coinops5 releases. Do you have any idea when its getting release? I know its soon. Also, lets say I bought the guys xbox with Coinops4 HD installed, would it be easy to upgrade to Coinops5 or if I have Coinops4, then I'm screwed? Thanks
  3. I would do it myself if I had a clue as to howto do it. But I dont. The guy who is doing it or me on ISOzone will be using xbmc, and I told him to have as much emulators as possible with all games, So how would that be worse than doing it myself? Thanks Mike
  4. Thats real nice. Where did you buy your modded xbox? Or did you do it yourself?
  5. Do both options have all games from all consoles? Does one have the ability to have more games than the other? Thanks I messaged the sellers asking the differences just to see what they say. I'll post back with what they say.
  6. Sorry for the late reply, I was sleeping lol. Ok, I just read the 4 posts. Its seems to me that the soft mod is a simple thing if you know what you're doing. The guy said Ur basiclly charging for the xbox and with upgraded HDD. TSOP, seems like a better choice. So should I go with the second link for $160? or the softmod for $100? BTW, what does "TSOP' stand for? Thanks for your help. Mike
  7. @+ T +...How would I know if someones xbox mod on ISO zone is better than the guy I was originally going to get it from? Heres the ISO mod/thread http://theisozone.co...tem-1f4d4d664b/ Heres another... http://theisozone.co...tem-1f385b668a/ And heres the thread from the guy I was going to get it from (video I posted) http://www.atariage....-free-mcboothd/ He seems like a very nice guy btw. Now, since you're the expert, can you do me a big favor and read that guys thread and the other two guys from ISO, and explain to me how each softmod is different, and witch is the best? I would really appreciate a ton. I'm clueless when it comes to this stuff and I just want to get the best softmod with most games/emulators. Mike.
  8. Ok, thanks for the info. Kind of disappointed to hear that I wont get the most out of the xbox. The guy was charging around $100 for the whole xbox with coinops. Anyway, Do you know ANYONE here or on other forums that does Mods like this, that can literally get my all the best emulators on an xbox? I cant seem to find any threads or people that sell these services. PM me if you want, I would appreciate it. Mike
  9. Hi, My name is Mike and 'm new to the forums. Let me start off by saying I'm clueless when it comes to emulators and modding. I'm about to have my xbox soft modded with a bunch of eulators installed to it. Heres a video of the mod (same guy thats modding it) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmoQZhoBidk&feature=player_embedded Here are My questions. 1. How many games will be installed onto the xbox? 2. How many console games (nes,snes,genesis/ps1,ectect) will be installed on this mod? Will every game from whatever console that is installed, be playable? 3. How is the quality of emulation compared to original hardware or XBLA emulation. 4. Do I have to play in Standard deff since its an original xbox? 5. Can this mod be done on other consoles? If so, which ones? Thats all for now. Just want to know these things before paying to have this done. I would appreciate any help from you guys. Mike
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