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  1. IIRC some emulators require the roms to be on the root of the disc, not within a folder. Just have a look around X-S first before you start to burn any monster roms collections You should have plenty of room left even on a stock HDD. I've got by with stock HDDs for all my consoles. Even if you pick a handful of your favourite games for each emulator and copy them to their respective folders, it'll save using a DVD most of the time.
  2. Shellshock 2, Fear 2 and now SFIV all within a few days. I'm still really just waiting on Tales of Vesperia
  3. Never happened to me before. Try a newer/different version of Mame? Mame/32/Plus/FX etc etc.
  4. The Mame 0.128 set without chd's is 20GB. I have it sitting in front of me. It's easy enough to filter out any games by genre and remove them if you don't need them
  5. AID 4.40 was only released 2 months ago. See here. For ease of installation, and given that the guy has been having trouble, including moving/renaming files incorrectly, then this all-in-one installer is the easiest/best option for him.
  6. Your best and safest bet is to grab the Auto Installer Deluxe (AID), currently floating around on some torrent sites. I think the latest version is 4/5. It comes with XBMC and various other dashboards. It'll let you install multiple dashboards to wherever you specify too, with a shadow Virtual C drive to protect your softmod from any future mistakes you might make. Then you can update your XBMC any time by downloading the newest version from here.
  7. Back to Fallout 3, this time on the PC. Same story with Oblivion. The mods on the PC definitely elevate this one way above the 360 version, except I can't quite match the detailed gfx on my machine.
  8. Lol. Pretty much sums up the last 5 years for me
  9. Blast from the past, Monster Squad from 1987. A cult classic kids horror/fantsy movie. I haven't seen it in like 20 years. Great stuff.
  10. Yep, autofire is just fine as it is
  11. That counts as online so it's at your own risk!
  12. Same here. Great stuff as ever BP. I'm pretty amazed myself at how may people stick with HK$ build even though they don't use half of the features. The only thing that was missing from CoinOPS IMO was the autofire.
  13. Note that even going online to update a game counts as playing online. The only way to be 100% safe is to never connect to Live. There have been plenty of reports of people never having played backups online and still getting banned. It's entirely up to you.
  14. The vast majority are self-booting. For the few that aren't you can use Utopia boot disk. As for the regional differences I can't recall any problems, apart from having to patch some PAL games to 60Hz to remove the borders. Don't forget to test any games in NullDC first to make sure they are working.
  15. I've used the 'hotswap' method dozens of times to gain access to the Xbox HDD and then ran the Ndure installer to softmod it. It does carry a risk if you don't do it right though. If you aren't completely comfortable with it then I'd pass it off to someone who knows what they're doing
  16. I doubt it, but I hope this paves the way for those Cave shooters. I'd honestly give all my 360 games away for Ketsui and DDP:BL.
  17. If the guy knows what he is doing then you should only lose what was on your C drive, with any luck.
  18. I tried to warn you about messing with those system files! Now will need to do what I suggested in the first place - go grab some sort of auto-installer that will do it all for you. Not to mention it's going to need softmodded again before you can do anything.
  19. Your best bet is to get hold of an installer like AID4 instead of playing about with your dash files if you're not sure. With it you can specify which dash to use and where it will be located. For example, my dash is XBMC but it located at E:\XBMC. You will need a secondary dash at some point so you should download UnleashX and extract it to say 'Apps' on E. You will need to boot into UnleashX to update XBMC at a later date as you cannot do it on the fly as files will be in use by the system. There are some nice 720p skins for XBMC, especially MediaStream. Good luck!
  20. I don't know how it works with UnleashX, how to make shortcuts I mean. XBMC does it for you automatically as long as you have the emulator in the 'emulator' folder. The latest Zsnesbox is 3.5 IIRC btw.
  21. Good choice! Usually something with the 'Super-' prefix does the trick. R-Type, G'n'G, Mario Kart etc. Small tip. 720p is better picture quality for motion, 1080i for stills, due to the higher resolution. Progressive > Interlaced. Though I imagine it'd barely be noticeable for SNES games.
  22. Coincidentally, someone, who shall remain anonymous, just uploaded a full X68000 set to Blackcats! Wooooo
  23. All those emulators on BAED are long out of date. You will have problems with settings/resolution etc when running from DVD. At least copy the emulator itself to the Xbox and run it from there, then you can play the roms off the DVD. That should solve any issues.
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