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  1. Ok so i slapped some pictures together and this is what i got. I didnt do any of the artwork, just cut paste, magic tool, erase, text ect. Please critique! http://i588.photobucket.com/albums/ss329/A...8/signature.png
  2. Hi, im looking for a MAME clone (eg. MAMEUI, MAMEUIFX etc.) that has video filters like 2XSai, or HQ2x etc. So far ive tried MAME Plus, MAME Plus Plus, and AdvanceMAME. All have this feature, but there all buggy in one way or another. My main problem with AdvanceMAME is i cant get it to run in window mode. Does anyone know how to do this? I cant find any answers via google search. Obviously no links, just gimme a name of one. So far original MAME and MAMEUIFX are my favorite, but look like crap because they dont have the filters. I'd appreciate any help.
  3. i would use another filter, but now ultimately im looking for a decent mame emulator that has the ability to use video filters like HQ2x
  4. Ok so when i use WinKawaks (1.60) and i play my games with my favorite filter Super2xSai i get artifacts and flocked up pixels kind of like what you see when your video card is flocked or overheated. But it only happens with that certain filter. SuperEagle and 2xSai work fine. Im using Vista and my laptop has a geforce go 7600. Ive only used this emulator on one other system which also has vista and an onboard nvidia chipset. So im thinking its probably vista *throws up* or the onboard chipsets as they tend to have lack of support for video games. If anyone has any idea, or a tweak i can do to either the video card or programs settings please let me know. Heres a screenshot. Its worse on some games. http://i588.photobucket.com/albums/ss329/A...lastbld2000.png You can see the discolored pixels (green and red) in the background. It worsens off and on so its hard to get a picture of it at its worst.
  5. I like the baby spleen action idea.
  6. I am satisfied...i just cant get myself to draw anything. And i dont know how to draw that. I copy pictures, i dont have much of an imagination.
  7. If anyone can find me an idea that i like enough ill draw it for you. See im asking this favor because lately i cant get myself to draw anything. I have absolutely no motivation lately. Just find me a picture and post a link to it. I generally like things related to comics/cartoons/video games.
  8. I think any controller with 6 buttons (like the original xbox controller eg. white and black buttons) would work good because its wierd using trigger buttons with the 6 button config on an arcade system. As a matter of fact i converted an original xbox controller for use on my pc and it works great. You just need to download the custom drivers. Just take an old usb adapter and splice it with the controller. Just requires alot of patience. Anyway i either use that or the xbox 360 controller which has official microsoft drivers to work with your pc.
  9. The only other thing i can think of is running a virtual machine... I assume you've already tried searching google so i wont do that for you.
  10. Rocky Balboa with my mom, i almost cried at one point. Very sad movie. I think i cried because i felt like i related alot to the characters.
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