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  1. I'm glad someone has the dedication and time to put into something like this. Easily the most comprehensive list of rom links I have come across, and out of 20 I tested, 20 worked!! The man is a legend!
  2. Motorola MPx200, its a Windows 'smartphone' and it runs NES games 100%, tho GB games are choppy. Oh and it 'makes calls' I've been told, but I havent tested that bit out yet
  3. I never actually stopped to think if emulation itself was 'wrong'. When I first heard that I could happpily run any of my old Master System, GB, MegaDrive and/or SNES games for free I was amazed and intrigued. Inevitably I set about d/ling any old games I used to own plus a few others out of nostalgia more than anything else. Soon it became apparent that these old games were old in more than just a graphical sense. Very, very few of my old SNES games I would still consider worth playing today. I then started to progress towards more modern games/systems such as NeoGeo, N64 plus any CPS1/2 games I could find. I played around with these for a bit longer but I came to more or less the same conclusion - in terms of the total games package they don't really measure up by today's standards. So I thought, which modern systems can be capably emulated yet still have games regularly released? GBA immediately came to mind. That is now my system of choice for downloading roms etc however I never questioned the morality of doing so. It seems to me that theres two general types of Emu fans. Those who place preservation of roms foremost and generally only use outdated systems. Or those who would emulate anything there PC could handle. I can see both sides and obviously would like every old game to be preserved but I would also like to see more modern emulation too. My reason for this is that although I have owned a GBA for 2yrs or so I only ever bought one game for it (Mario Kart) and it has lay gathering dust since. So I am not depriving any developer etc of profit by using Virtual Boy to play the latest games because I decided long ago that I would not be purchasing any more GBA games. As for next-gen emulation it is still, as was said, a few years from perfection so I can hardly see people trading their GCs or whatever for some choppy emulation, so I don't buy the thievery ideal. Also GC is different because copied games cannot be directly played and so the piracy side of things is virtually non-existant. Also it has been shown that not all ripped games work on PCs and certainly few that do work could be considered 100% perfect. As for PS2/XBOX emulation, as has been mentioned that is years away from perfection and if people have no qualms about playing emulated xbox games then they would certainly not hesitate to play pirated discs on their 'chipped' boxes. So why would they bother with crappy next-gen emu when they can buy 100% working copies for pennies/cents?? So for me emulation of consoles was 99% nostalgia trip and I have hardly touched any of those games since, but as they r no longer comercially profiting anyone then it has been agreed that this is mostly harmless. However I'm sure that there are people who actively use emulators to by-pass having to purchase new consoles/games and it is this that I do not agree with. That was at once rambling/off-topic/contradictory but it was also my honest opinion. Thank you
  4. Hand-held roms are 1) easy to get hold of 2) quick to d/l cuz of their small size and 3) i always find extra effort put into playability of hand-held games to compensate for the so-so graphics... I could b wrong of course.. Any 1emu regulars who use DC contact me on dc or pm me here and i'll set u up a VIP account so we can get people in the hub who actually know about emulation/roms, especially hand-held related. ( Im a relative n00b compared to most guys on here ). Thanks again folks!!!
  5. Hello, Im sorta new to the forums but Im gonna b around a lot more from now on. Any dc users i have a new emunet hub for hand-held minded people to gather at dchub://devious.sytes.net. Thanks for ur support
  6. A few friends have flip-tops and tho they say that they are more hassle than a straight chip they do perform pretty well. Main complaints being sometimes multiple boot attempts needed with swap discs and not 100% games playable. I opted for a solder chip myself, professionally fitted, and it works a treat (Messiah). As for solderless chips, the flip-top works as well as, if not better.
  7. This may or not b plugin related but I recently d/led some psx iso/bins for use in ePSXe. FF Origins and Tactics both worked but FF7, no luck. I have an install.bin and c1,2 and 3.bins. All these appear to be uncorrupted. I tried using 1.60, but nothing, so i switched to 1.01 and now the install.bin and or cd1.bin work up to the Sony startup screen then nothing. I have over 90 plugins and have tried a lot of combinations, but no joy. Any suggestions welcome. Im running off a p4 2.8 with radeon 7000 and 512mb RAM, but i could switch to a p4 3.2ht with a geforce 5200 256mb if that would solve anything.
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