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  1. Very modern! Looks great after having that skin for a long time.
  2. Hmm seems like I missed out on all the action in the Xbox forums. Someone give me a brief resume? I always remember a love/hate relationship between BP and resurrectionx and a lot of strange tension. Wasn't like that in the old DC++ days, more like a hippy commune. Anyway, whatever emsley says is fine by me. He may be a bit deranged but at least he still has passion for 1emu
  3. Great read. Sort of reminded me of Maddox a bit but funnier. Much better than all the usual shit
  4. Can't beat a good old fashioned bromance. I'm touched :'(
  5. OK no problem BP. Well if anyone has downloaded this torrent or off usenet could they supply a list of the available games? Not worried about the MAME stuff, it's the console stuff. I didn't flick back through the thread to catch up but what about the recently emulated Cave PGM games like DDP and Ketsui? Are those viable for the Xbox?
  6. There is an 18GB torrent available but I can't get a proper list of the games within. I already have full sets of most roms so I won't be grabbing it anyway, I was just curious as to which games are included?
  7. I moved all my CP1/2 and NeoGeo roms from FBA 1.29 over to Final Burn Legends 1.3 and scanned but only about 25 games were recognised. I guess the set is outdated Fumanchu! I do have a full Mame 0139 set though so if there were any dats I could use to filter out all the compatible FBL roms then that would do
  8. PM for me too please! I'm still using v1 lol. Just got my Xbox working again
  9. PM me when it's finished and I'll add a link to my website Great progress as always BP!
  10. A quality idea! You could try the new Windows 7 RTM release if you feel like a change. I would never have left XP for Vista but W7 is so much quicker and 'nicer'. Good luck with the rocks either way
  11. I'm very sorry to hear that, my condolences. My girlfriend lost her best friend and a brother to suicide so I've seen the effects second-hand. I can only imagine what it would be like.
  12. I have seen it, and I cannot abide this game. It is too... not my thing. I know it's a "good" game and it's from a long line of great games... but. It's too cute. I don't do cute. I liked the artwork and music and the battle system was good too, just didn't manage to complete it. The only non-cute, non-childish JRPG is Lost Odyssey, but the random battles wore me down. Star Ocean and/or Blue Dragon are better IMO if you can stomach the occasional annoying characters, and both have non-random encounters. Oblivion/Fallout 3 are the obvious choices for Western RPGs though obviously a better choice for your PC instead
  13. Have you ever tried waving a red flag to a bull before?
  14. Did he download the optional media update on a previous Xbox? I had that problem when I sold my old one and bought a new one. Because I originally downloaded the update on a different console I had to be online in order to make use of it on my new 360. I didn't have to repeatedly download the update though. One solution which has worked for many people, including myself, is to create a silver account on the 360 and download the update when signed into that profile. Thereafter you should not have any need to be online, or even signed into a specific account, in order to play divx/xvid avi files.
  15. Not everyone uses XBMC believe it or not The integrated version would have forced people to use XBMC just so they could run CoinOPS. The looks mean virtually nothing to me anyway. I'd be content with a list of games in black and white. It doesn't matter how many HD fliers/backgrounds you use, ultimately when the game is launched it's the same old rom! No offence meant of course.
  16. Did you track the memory usage while CX was running, maybe it has sprung a leak? Do you use the 'burn result to DVD' option? If so, untick it and see if that works. What file type are you trying to convert, what size is it etc? Maybe the file itself is the problem, try another file of the same type but smaller, a sample for example. Update to a newer version too since you have been using that one for over a year, won't do any harm. I very rarely use it but I have version 2 Beta, used it a few times without a problem!
  17. Out of 32 seeders it is almost impossible to connect to them all at any given time for one reason or another. I'd be happy enough with 50-75%. Anyway, it only takes you to make a connection with 1 person with a good upload speed to max your connection out, quality over quantity! Also, enable DHT if it isn't already, that will definitely help open things up. Port forwarding I have no clue about I'm afraid. Good luck!
  18. Not uncomfortable for those reasons, more frustrated that these threads get clogged up with OT bullsh!t posts that are obviously designed to offend/annoy rather than provide any productive reaction.
  19. Why do you ask? I take it there must be a specific reason for it?
  20. Interent lol. Sounds like sex with a tree
  21. I'd have to say Lincoln's Repeater as well. The fact that it can be repaired with the plentisome hunting rifle is a big plus too.
  22. First one I think is Fighter's History or the sequel, Karnov's Revenge. Second one is 3 Count Bout for the NeoGeo.
  23. Sounds to me like it was Ryan himself who was stalking some Aussie chick and she came over to meet him. So he's like testing the water with us to see if we think it's weird or not
  24. I can't remember which games specifically, but I thought that kenshiro and IQ had written/added drivers for some games that weren't working on the Xbox before. Bonk's Adventure was one of them I think?
  25. Wireless I have no experience of personally so can't help there. I would still recommend FBAxxx over CoinOPs for CPS/NG, not to mention that some drivers have been added that are specific to FBA, thanks to kenshiro and IQ 132. Some other features exclusive to FBAxxx like move lists and reliable save/load functionality make it the better choice IMO. SNES is still best served by ZSnesbox, NES probably MednafenX NES, though I haven't used it in ages. A list of the latest Xbox emu versions can be found here on Cospefogo's site. XBMC is still by far the best dash. If you are running it on a HD TV then Mediastream is a nice skin.
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