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  1. You need to re-rip your original Xbox1 disc with a drive that can read Xbox discs and create a 360 compatible image. Also know that the image will be DVD9 in line with all 360 games, so you will need to burn the game all over again but this time to a DVD9. It's really not worth the hassle, not to mention that only a small percentage of original Xbox games are compatible with the 360. Much better to just buy a second-hand Xbox1 for cheap and softmod it.
  2. That Ryu pic is from the SF2 Turbo Revival artwork for the GBA. IMO by far the best SF artwork to date. Full cast pics here, and here.
  3. Double Dragon R-Type Ghosts 'n' Goblins Rygar New Zealand Story TMNT SF2 : CE Progear Gigawing Mars Matrix D&D : Shodows Over Mystara Ibara DDP : DOJ Espgaluda Ketsui Muchi Muchi Pork Mushihimesama + Futari DDP : DFK SF : Alpha 3 Sega Rally Lightgun games were never around much when I was in the arcades except for Operation Wolf
  4. ComboFix should detect and destroy all your infections, it's a great (free) tool. Also it does no harm to run Spybot, and more importantly Trojan Remover which has a 30-day free trial, fully functional. Using those 3 in combination has resolved any probs I have ever had. Though something like AVG/Avast in conjunction with Comodo Firewall (w/ Defense+) should prevent anything infecting your machine in the first place.
  5. Well most of the people that have hung around have been here for a few years or so anyway so I'd say it's mostly adults now. I do remember there being a lot of 'kids' years back. I'm 30 myself so I guess I count as an adult, even if I don't actually act like one yet
  6. I'm passing up games because really nothing has caught my eye since Fable 2/Fallout 3. I did flash to 1.51 a few weeks back purely because of that Hannah Montana game for my daughter. Needless to say it was awful, but even more awful than I could have imagined. I was using my 360 pretty much exclusively for streaming since my Xbox1 obviously can't handle HD, but then I bought one of those Western Digital 1080p players. There is no ethernet port so I have to put everything onto a flash drive or my external Seagate but it plays everything natively, including the current format of choice, mkv. My TV only displays 720p/1080i but this little box even downscales 1080p to play at either 720p or 1080i. I did fire up GTA4 last week for a while but really it's just gathering dust.
  7. Yes indeed. No PM required! It's just down below
  8. Glad your back on 'board', so to speak
  9. I was under the impression that a handful of Wii games have been emulated for quite some time, as well as the ability to play Wii VC games. I never bothered to try it out though.
  10. Way back then, probably 2002/3 I used EA quite a bit. It was really my first emulation site. I never knew Ice at all but I am the same age so I can relate to that. R.I.P. I am a bit dismayed that this topic languished in the Staff forums for over a week before finally finding it's way to us minions.
  11. I say aye. What harm could it do? If it falls flat again then at least we tried.
  12. It used to be relatively difficult to use torrents way back when. Now I get talking to guys in work well into their 40s and 50s who are telling me about which sites they use etc. It's become so commonplace now it's scary. The thing is is it'll be the ones who know just enough to download a film but not enough to use encryption or private sites, they'll be the ones to get caught a lot quicker than say, a 'pro'.
  13. I do agree with you Gavin, as a Staff BP should delete it. BP is not staff here.. thats just a group thing like Group: Premium Members.. laughable at best the problem here is staff are not doing there job and looking over the forums because if they were this thread would have been delete long ago.. hell i can't even get gamecop to delete my account... yo gamecop who the f**k do you think you are to keep my account on this site when i want my account delete you don't f**king own me motherf**Ker lets see if that wakes someone up around here to do there f**king job.. if you ban me and don't delete my account i will be right back on this site to raise hell and if that means going to you hosting company every f**king day until they get sick of me and send you crap.. so be it.. as i have already ask you nicely to delete my account in a pm to you. you will not hold my account hostage motherf**ker If you really do want it deleted then GC (or other) will do it. There is no animosity there, it's just he isn't around very much. Maybe someone else could help out in that respect? I'm sure Cinder will be around soon enough
  14. I'd say this is the most embarrassing thread I've ever seen on here in almost 5 years. Well done!
  15. If it checks for OS then you could try running the installer in XP/Vista compatibility mode. If that fails you could extract the exe to expose the driver files, then go to Device Manager and click on your printer in there. Choose to manually update the driver and then navigate the the driver files you extracted. With any luck it should work. It worked for my Logitech Quickcam.
  16. Did you try updating them, chasing down the latest from the manufacturer's site? Every single thing works for me in Windows 7 (build 7077) 64-bit. For ALL of your device drivers not to work is highly unlikely. It would be the same thing if you just installed a clean copy of XP, you'd be missing a lot of drivers then too. It's not necessarily specific to Win7.
  17. I'm with you. Smoked for 11 years too. Stopped a few weeks back. It has been hard at times but I feel so much better already
  18. What happened gents? I tried to get on at 2pm GMT and was unsuccessful until just then, now almost 10pm
  19. The link to Ignite is in my sig, on my site. Enjoy
  20. Ah well we all need a break now and again. Suppose your PC breaking down gave you as good a reason as any to stay away! Welcome back!
  21. I re-flashed my BENQ in minutes with that 360 Mod Disc that's floating about. No more need for flash drives! The only reason I even bothered was cause the Hannah Montana I grabbed for my daughter turned out to be Wave 3, despite no obvious mention of it. Oh well, I suppose I would have had to do it sooner or later.
  22. I stopped cold turkey 2 weeks ago, haven't even barely give them a thought since. I always promised myself I'd stop before I passed 30 and I'm 31 on the 12th May. Lol. I was paying virtually £6 per pack, equivalent to around $8.80US!
  23. Good stuff. That should be the DAT included with Ignite. I don't know what is with the bloated and unnecessary one that's provided.
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