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  1. Yes, avoid it like the Super-Plague! Yeah totally dude, build your own, it doesnt take much energy at all. My budget PC was a little less than that and it still kicks ass! As for a M/KB just get a generic KB, dont fall for those expensive gaming KBs, THEIR CRAP! mouse: Microsoft Intellimouse 1.1a My Samsung 713n(17') was worth about $180. So yeah, sorry for the long-ish post but dont buy that.
  2. Yeah dude, some look REALLY nice, I personally loved the one with the Xarcade stick, but EWWWWW a premade Xarcade! And the way people layout their controls... I PITY THE FOOLS!
  3. What are we? Back in the ages of WWII? Hitler's dead!
  4. Yeah, the movie is just plain bad. As for SM4, it's definately up in the air. But nearly every comic fan I know hates Carnage (I for one, am happy he's dead in 616). I give props though, Topher Grace definately plays a good Eddie. Props on them taking the Ultimate route. Also: This movie just makes me want to kill myself. flock YOU AND YOUR DAMN SPOILER!!! I READ 1 POST! AND IT HAD! HAD! TO BE YOURS! THANKS A BUNCH JACKASS! Ehh I'm grabbing it now.
  5. 1.6 FTW!! BUT I've been playing source lately and now I SUCK at 1.6. But I kick TOTAL ass on source. Too easy.
  6. ROFL! Nice shameless advertisement! But Xarcade parts are kinda cheap IMO. My sticks aren't even centered anymore! But the microswitches are cool. And IJTF_Cinder is right, it is overpriced!
  7. They why are you smashing China's pirated vista?! ITS SUPPORTING THEM!
  8. Please dont! You'll make me cry too! Makes me think of my DCs...
  9. EWWW Its all about them HUGE uprights! Why dont you build your own? All you need is to "borrow" your neighbors circular saw and nail gun!
  10. Step 1: get HiGh Step 2: Go for it. And stop being a little biatch!
  11. In that case. I use go to http://www.projectw.org/
  12. Really? Can I borrow Air Force One? Me, where do I start...
  13. ouch! Sorry to hear that man. I hope your still not sharing
  14. You think that sucks? Until I can afford to drop the cash on my new Radeons, I'll be relegated to a PCI video card, and the only one I have? A Trident 1 from 1994........ PCI?! EWW isnt it's bus speed slower than AGP and PCI-e(<-Duh)
  15. Your not suppose to post warez site dude....
  16. Twice? Damn. Question: were you using default ports? And, if you dont mind me asking, what were you charged/ charged with? Me I've been using torrents for years and still going strong. And once in a while rapidshare.
  17. *bump* Its similar to the "MS02 Microswitches with Lever"
  18. I'm bored so: My Main PC/server: -Windows server 2003 R2 SP2 -AMD Athlon 4200x2 (OC to 2.45Mhz)Not happi yet) -Gigabyte M55SLI-S4 Motherboard -512 DDR2 PC4200 Ram <-Urghhhhh -DVD+R burner -Geforce4 MX 440 PCI (OC GPU: +~25% Mem:+~100%) <- Ultra urghh, gonna upgrade soon. -320 SATA HDD My New/old server: -Windows server 2003 R2 -Pentium 3 1.0 Ghz x2 -Supermicro P3TDDE mobo -4GB PC133 Ram -CD burner -Geforce4 MX440 x8 AGP -10GB main HDD -4GB in RAID 0 array <- WANT MORE!!! Can you guys believe I got this thing for free!?
  19. Woops, wrong tread. EDIT02: wTH. I click on "view new posts" and get this!? HA!
  20. Yeah, I never liked Ghost, it always messed up the boot records for me. But if you have an extra working PC laying around use Acronis True Image Makes perfect 1:1 copies of hard drives. I've never heard of SATA dos drivers. Hahah I see you enjoyed your experience with vista! I'm not gonna start with vista...
  21. Nah, she's a lost cause. I'd strongly recommend her for the part of Andariel, Maiden of Anguish, in any upcoming Diablo film. Or the witch from The Wizard of Oz .. Damn, she's fine. Stop posting pic of my girlfriend... Ok, that was a bad Avril pic, but that song is catchy! HEY! HEY! YOU! YOU! I DONT LIKE YOUR GIRLFRIEND! NOW WAY! NO WAY! I THINK YOU NEED A NEW ONE!
  22. Woops, my bad, its for my Xarcade sticks, they are similar to Happ's super sticks.
  23. Preferably the ones found in joysticks with the lever. But I'll take some regulars for backup purposes. Of course I'll pay for shipping. But I'd prefer some one in the States so I can send money order. Name your price and how many you have please. I dunno why but I'm missing one. And I'd buy from sites but they have ridiculous shipping prices. -Thank you
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