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  1. Tom's hierarchy chart says yes: And being equivalent to the GF7950's yeah!
  2. Translation: "JUST KIDDING! I AM SELLING 1EMULATION TO SONY CORP! LATERS BITCHES!" I kid. You guys still having hack attacks?
  3. Just a thought: did you completely remove your Motherboard, the springy things around the fan, and used a lot of twisting force? If it gets off, just buy a new fan. But Asus probably has a warranty on the thing
  4. Ohh the Carl's Commercial? Ohh please don't make use choose!! So who would you pick?
  5. Oh yeah! I remember those days Weirdy! back when we were requesting roms here, and james was our provider. Good ol' days on the iRC chan..... *sniff* *sniff*
  6. I'd go with the Sony MDR-G42LP I've been using these things for about,... 3-5 years. never failed me. Frequency response is perfect for me (Newer models are: 16 Hz - 20000 kHz) Just the right amount of bass and treble. as for the Sennheiser. I would go for it, most MP3 players cant even play a 22000 hz tone
  8. I flockING LOVE YOU MAN! I love Cyril! The first card magic trick I learned was his "world's greatest card trick" which is still the best trick I still do for my friends!
  9. Wow, you guys still play Gunz? Damn. Me, I'm a pansy, I dont go on Kai unless I know the other guy. And I usually beat the crap out of the little middle schoolers at the arcades. oh yeah
  10. everything seems right but just enable overburn. but when you are burning, do not rectify sub-channel data, RAW-DOA. and uncheck "Dont close the last session of current disk." if these are your settings, then it might be something else. Check the disk you already burned, do they contain all the files from the image? And continue to burn at the slowest speed. Or maybe simulate the process before doing the actual burning. if it still fails, then its something wrong with your PC.
  11. You dont need to convert it, I've burned plenty of DC games from NRG. Just get us a screen shot of your alkeehol settings.
  12. Ya'll make me feel soo dirty.... Just bud. so I'm alright for now.
  13. Yeah my friend saw it, he said it was good. But dubbed, ehh I dont mind. I still wanna see it. District B13 was good dubbed why not this movie?
  14. About JSR. Mount it, and open it on my computer, does it contain just audio file? If it does then its a bad rip. If not, carry on.
  15. Its possible, but cells and wifi uses different frequencies, and that this is made for wifi, and it is used to aim at a hotspot, so unless you know where a cell phone tower is, it wouldnt do you much good. But if it does work, then go get a wifi signal booster, not one of those.
  16. Actually, thats pretty cool, ever play Crusin' USA with the secret golf cart?
  17. Hahha paying for PC133 at the price of dirt is way over priced! I can get tons for free from my high school! Seriously, just ask the tech teacher there!
  18. Sounds like I'll stay with AMD! Thanks guys! Cinder: Hmmm I'm considering the Intel since I would like to fry some eggs at my desk One thing, your guy's opinion. Has ATI lost the Graphics card war? I see SLI everywhere and nVidia northbridges 30x more than a Crossfire based board. What do you guys think?
  19. Should I build a new PC now? or should I wait until quad core? If I should wait, any ideas on the pricing of the quad cores? Of course I have chosen to build a AMD based system. Athlon 4200+ x2 thats the CPU I am wanting ATM. But I saw the Intel 2 duo beat out practically all the AMD chips, even the cheapest one! Should I really go to Intel? or stay with AMD? or should I not build at all?! The budget of the CPU is around $200. Ohh what shalt thy do!? Sorry. I havent been up to date with CPUs as of lately. Thanks -Ghosty
  20. I thought #5 was legal already..... Guess you learn something new everyday.
  21. Why not just download it from some other site? Thats all I am allowed to say. If you want to get your own bios they you need the special serial cable and your own programs.
  22. Well, I'm just gonna go out back and shoot myself for posting this horribly old news. EDIT: You can delete this if you want.
  23. Wii Thats a link Just thought I'd post this here in its own topic.
  24. Ohh the Wii has been "reversed engineered" ya'll http://www.kotaku.com/gaming/wii/bad-man-p...-wii-216551.php
  25. HELL YEAH! LETS ALL JOIN! I'll be easy for me since the newest systems I have are my DCs!!!
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