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  1. Permy, If You Want To Record Videos From Emulators You Can Use A Special Build That Has Avi Record. I Can Send You A Copu One Day.
  2. Great Now My Parents Are Probably Going To Start Reading What I Say On iRC. http://www.microsoft.com/athome/security/c...en/kidtalk.mspx i Know Not All The Lingos Are There But HEY! I Was Bored Agian.
  3. Have You Tried Using "Virtual PC" Then Use Your Windows Emulators? http://www.microsoft.com/mac/products/virt...x?pid=virtualpc
  4. Damn straight man i liked likin park for like a week , then i hated it , i also hate the people who think thier "hardcore and rockers" just because they listen to them btw: i hate evenesence they took Cold's guitarist Meh , i nu-metal aka Ill Nino and Soulfly ........and Placebo thier cool <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ya And Its Pretty Stupid, Mostly Asians Listen To Them, And Now Its Almsot A Stereotype, So flockIGN ANNOYIN!!
  5. So It Was YOU Who Ran Me Over,.... And Jeez, This Is Like That Kid Who Killed Some One After Hearing Disasterpieces By Slipknot. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> did someone really kill a person after hearing disasterpiece? wow but ne way i've played gta 3 and vice city and san andreas repeatdly i've spent hours playing those games and i'm 14 and there's nothing wrong w/ me i don't get it. altho there is times when i feel like choking ppl but then again i always feel like that (j/k in case ur taking me serious) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, And They Did It The Exact Same Way As Said In The Lyrics: It Would Have Been Better, I Mean, DEATH BY SHOVEL?! YEA!!
  6. So It Was YOU Who Ran Me Over,.... And Jeez, This Is Like That Kid Who Killed Some One After Hearing Disasterpieces By Slipknot.
  7. Ok, LP's First Album Was Barely Alright, Now With Jayz, Its Shouldnt Even be On The Radio, Let Alone In Store, And I'd Rather Be Listening To Placebo.
  8. Nice From What I Can See, Stupid 0 Brightness Setting.
  9. Hi-ya, I'll Be The Forum Idiot For Your Enjoyment.
  10. Oh YEa Gryph, I Never Got That Eiather,.. Thoes Dell Bastard Guys.
  11. Hey, You Guys Remember When GC Gave Us The Link To Get Free Gamming Mags? Well I Just Got The A Playstation Mag In The mail Today!! And I Got Spam Mail, Adressed To "Dam Tran" Whats Wrong With That Picture? Just Made This Tread To Say Thanks, Thx GC.
  12. Gryph, You Do Know That They Make ear Cleaners Right? They Have A 1mm Rod On Them With A Small Spoon On Them. But For Me I Just use My Long Pinky Nail.
  13. It Will Be Dead With The Younger Kids, But For Us Retro Lovers, Well I Dunno, I'll Still Be Playing "KOF EX2: Howling Blood" Til I'm 80!
  14. Its Sorta, 'Cept I Usally Just Wear Boxxers
  15. Thats What Mine Looked Like, That Was Until I Made My res Twice As Large, And Dont Tell Me. And Due That Background Remeinds Me When Retroroms Has That Weekly Contest With That Game To See Who Got The Highest Score. 'member That?
  16. I Should Try That. /me Starts Eyeing His Microwave And flocked Up CDr's And DVDr's
  17. ITS, NOT! Chinese New Year, Its Asian New Year, Cuz I'm Viet And I Celabrate It! And Happi New Year People, Oh And How Much Money Did You Guy Get? I Got $19,... Shitz I'd Say "Happi New Year" In Viet But I Cant Remember How The Phrase Goes ATM, And I Cant Write It.
  18. Thanks For Bringing THis To My Attention, I Forgot There Was Such An Emulator.
  19. What About Double Dragon 3? Me And My Friends Would Always Play It A Few Years Back.
  20. TOTAL WINDOWS RESTORE!!!! Ya, Just Backup All Your Crap On A Partition Or Slave HDD. Thats What I Do And Need To Do.
  21. I Invented Something Like That Too, Its My "Coke-Spoon" Its Currently 1cm.
  22. Dude Think Of The Enviorment! But There Are Rycylcling Places Out There. Dont Worry About The Stuff On Them, Like K' Said, No One Is Going To Check Them All.
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