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  1. Can I say "donation button" again? Just tell PayPal the money is going directly to you. As for the stick, I'm with Cinder. I love being a DIY-er. And JEBUS IS THAT THING MESSY!
  2. sooooo, anyone know why Helen Tell was such a bad driver?
  3. Fat PS2, I cant believe the USB HDD wasnt a turn off for you!
  4. I dont know the max bitrate for the DS is but, damn 224 kbps? damn thats worst than a dialup stream!
  5. hahah GO John Beard! Is it just me or did they masked the voice so much that its hard to understand
  6. In that case, I'm graduating in a few months!
  7. I thought we had an age restriction...
  8. Eww a few of the units look like plush toys! But, ehh as long as its a good game.
  9. The NGPC and the wii, I know a place that sells the NG for like $30
  10. I can See Ryan is still sexi as ever ITS TARARARARARARARARARARARARARARARARATATATATATATATATATATATATATAATATATA!!! Anyone seen GarageInk lately? We need AshCrimson, UNBAN THAT DUDE! I Didnt Do Much, Just Pissed Of GC
  11. Very true .. I have been also very surprised by the sudden price drop of the external hard drives. The problem it has caused though is that now if you go to Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.. you will notice that they mostly, if not, only sell external hard drives. Internal hard drives have almost become extinct for the big electronic stores. The only good places still selling them are online (ex: NewEgg). Although I don't need the extra space now, but I know it's going to be a big hassle for me in the future since I'm not much of an online shopper. For an admin of a emulation site, I dont know why the hell you would step foot inside a Circuit City or Best Buy. Fry's Electronics FTW! I know you live in So-Cal dude.
  12. Wow, I thought letterman was only kidding when he talked about it!
  13. Hacked to do what, exactly? Different Firmware, no Cingular crap. Free games, MP3 ringtones, my own color scheme. Gotta love it.
  14. Its all about Green Dragon, or Double Dragon, anything else is pointless!
  15. Hacked Motorola V220 http://images.google.com/images?um=1&t...cial&q=v220
  16. Hackers have made considerable progress at unlocking it. I'd give it a few more weeks.
  17. Nope, dont need to. Funny thing is, its the first result with google!
  18. Their probably makeing up for Apple TV profits. But fu€k the iPhone! Its all about a hacked V220
  19. I have an external HDD that I hardly use, just when I backup stuff, Its gone through about 30ish internal drives.
  20. IIRC Nebula and Kawaks uses different rom sets. I know MvsC is a pain in the ass with different emus, that might be it. Thats the only explanation I can think of.
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