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  1. and add a wifi card. Man I never noticed how much it resembled a CD drive.
  3. Yeah I think that might be true, I have more problems on my ATI card than my sister's intel laptop. But it sounds like you have a bad image file.
  4. I LOVE YOU JAMES!!!! I might get back in to compiling MAME because of this! And those commands are to decrypt encrypted roms.
  5. Do you mean that it was the PCB version? Most likely. I didn't have a chance to get a close look at it since there was too much of a walk.
  6. Man, many people are quite jelous of you, I know I am. Oh and about the chuck'e'cheeses not being an arcade thing, I might take that back. I went there last weekend and saw that they thad Metal Slug 5!!!! but thats it. It wasnt one of those multiple MVS systems....
  7. Completely brilliant!! Although.... why would they call it a nunchuck? It looks like Flail or a ball mace to me. /me shrugs
  8. I just checked the forums, its still in development but its at the slow stage, simular to the one a while back that mame had, remember?
  9. Agreed Its much faster then the adobe and is less of a resource hog.
  10. I wouldnt its not the same as giving them a direct link to the program, so I would consider it ok.
  11. Fix'd!!! The Chuck e Cheeses I've been to has never, ever, EVER! Had 1 SF game. The most they EVER had was the ninja turtle arcade game. And the only ones I know of here in Santa Ana are laundrymats.
  12. Actrully, it is possible that it may be the HDD. Open up your PC, do you hear weird noises from your HDD? This is what happened to me once or twice. Yes, 4 Virtual drives is a lot, and I'm assuming that you just have the 1 master drive, that would be a lot of stress on the HDD, espeshally if you've been doing this for 2 years. I mean, one of my HDD died after 9 months because it was being heavy used for the entire 9 months.
  13. AXL!! YOU DAMN ROMANIAN! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN IN THE LAST YEAR OF MY LIFE?! But hey, just curious, what does the sword actrully do? In English.
  14. None, I never ever broke any of my systems, except my PC, but that was replaced and it was slow. Hell I keep all my systems behind a glass case!
  15. I hope its a joke, cuz that wasnt funny.
  16. WINDOWS 2000 FTW!!! and nice PC, I should upgrade mine too.
  17. Jeez, another hacker? What is that? The fourth one? Well, congrats.
  18. Maybe its the CD/DVD drive, try replacing it.
  19. Cool! Some of you guys know how to spin! But, like any other hobby, this is all learnable, it just take time and practice. Here are some nice beginer tricks if any one is interested: http://pentrix.com/pentix/tricks/index.html Or http://www.psconclave.com/wiki/Main_Page
  20. Damn I was just gonna post that. Well hes right, thats the problem right there. You must have accidentally added another toolbar.
  21. Hello all! I know a lot of members here are in high school students and up. I bet you've seen some kid do some crazy things with his pen. Since yahoo, and digg posted links, I'll post one here. Here are some cool vids! Check 'em out! Kam's SuperHandz video. One of the all time pros. UCPSB's first collab You likey? We have a forum just for spinners! UCPSB? ENJOY!
  22. I've seen that too. Completely agree it is a great movie. I have no idea what is going on in that movie. You suck,.... Now go to the cream so siro can ass rape you.
  23. Just burn it! That 40 ish MB is just filler dont worry about it. The disk isnt 738MB when you burn it. Trust me I've had these disks before.
  24. Yeah, like Gryph said, Xarcade does have solid built sticks. And they are reletivly cheaper than other companies. Mine was about $40 bucks since I bought the wood and built it myself. Heres a link: http://www.x-arcade.com/
  25. If it is incorrect, that usally means that it is not the official set for mame. It might be for another emulator.
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