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  1. I Have The Same Problem With The Kawaks Loader, Too. So Instead Of Useing Kawaks, Use The Oldish Versions Of Nebula I.E. 2.18a. The Speeds Are THe Same On The Two Emulators But Nebula Has Better Grafix. And If You Want To Play It On Nebula Click [not in here]
  2. I Cant Believe You Want Azn Rap(I'm Azn And I Hate It) I THnk Rap Is A Waste Of Time Thats Why I Listen To Rock. And If You Still Want Those Songs Use Kazaa Lite K+++ To Get It Go To FileMirrors.com And Search For klitekpp Cuz Its Better Than Original Kazaa.
  3. Man You Must Be A Psycho..., Err Psychic How Did You Know That?! Now All I Need Are A Few Steps So That I Can Learn How To Get The Correct Makefile, File And Give Me A Link Or Some Steps On How To Use Make File. Thank You
  4. Ok The Loader For WinKawaks Doesn't Work I Add Some Games And The Games Already In The Asr.dat File Isn't There Either I Tried Renaming It To Add.dat, And Still The Same Thing Happened. I Guess I'll Have To Stick To My Neubla 2.18a *Sigh* That Slow Piece Of Crap.
  5. I Can Add Games To FBA's Scorce Code But I Don't Know How To Make The Fba.exe And Thx For The Advice I'll Check It Out Hopefully The Hacked Version Works On My Comp Cuz It Never Has It Just Stops Resopoding.
  6. Hello I'm Still New To This Site And I Have A Question On How To Add Games To Emulators That Are Not By The Official Release. I Heard You Have To Do Some Thing With Romcenter Or Some thing Like That, But I Have No Idea How So If There Is Any One Out There That Can Help Me. I Found A Way To Add Games To FBA's Scorce Code But Dont Know How To Make The FBA Prgram. Thank You In Advance.
  7. Hello I'm Still A Noob Here And I Was Wondering How Do You Emulate An X-Box Game? I Dl-ed Some Emulators And Found Out That You Need.xbe's. Basicly All I Really Want To know Is How Do You Make Or Get Them. Thank You.
  8. Ya It Is Horibble, The Semi-Boss Is A Zero From Kof2k1(I Think) That Is Looking Like He's On Fire, The Final Boss Is A Sun. There's More Crap In The Game. Well To Play It, I use Nebula, For The Steps To Add The Game To Nebula Click Here
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