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  1. Thats alright man. Well MAME is almost like any other emulator. You dont need anything else. Easiest way to start is to get one of those MAME32 comples, these have a GUI. I preffer MAME32 PLUS! easy to find with google. I find that most roms that you currently have works with make, of course you still need the bios for some games. And those little snippets are just for poeple who compile their own mame, dont worry about that. All you need to do is set the ROM directories under the options menue. And if you add more games to that directory, just press F5 to rescan. Ohh woops, that extra stuff. you dont need history, and whatever. Thats just for show. EDIT: OHH FUDGE YOU IQ! That took 5 mins out of my life!
  2. Ghosty

    Flash Card

    Yes some GBA flash carts work with the DS. Heres a link: http://www.gameboy-advance.net/nintendo_ds..._flash_card.htm
  3. Why is Mame slow ? nearly all games run at full speed here Just a few CHD's run slow Compared to the other Emulators, yes. It uses more resource than a lot of other emulators.
  4. Hmm I didnt know you could drift. Now that I do, time to play some TER2!!! Nice review LSD!
  5. How so? In the emulation scene in general? For me, I use to delate 40 MB roms just because I thought they were bad roms, turns out I didnt have neogeo.zip. And this was back then when I had dial-up.
  6. If you were after the P1 then yes you were asking for the roms . Sorry I just had to.
  7. Unless you buy an original copy of XP, you'll need to "get" a copy.
  8. I've looked at them, but wanted something a little sturdier. Gonna ask the guys at home depot soon I guess.
  9. Now, what happened to that cosplay tread,....
  10. Well I've been working on a control panel for the past few months, but got stumped. I cant seem to fine a good set of hidges. I found these in the garage: http://img58.imageshack.us/img58/7838/hidgesdp9.jpg Are they good for something like this: Pic 1 2 3 the thing is I used .24 inch wood, would I need to reenforce the back or anything? Yeah thanks.
  11. You dont really need the uni-bios rom. I never had one in any of my mames.
  12. Alkeehol 120% always asks me if I want to burn my CDs in on to DVDs, have you tried that?
  13. Sweet, looks like madi's still emo. Drake: No, JOO SUCK MY BROTHA! Cool its still there. Sweet, and LSD, cant we talk about this?!
  14. Yeah I've been gone for a while but not I'm bored and decided to post here. So did I miss anything when I was away? Any new groud breaking developments in the emulation world? And Is Madi still emo?
  15. I Gienij 5 Follseer for ite. fivfe fol;;pw!!!111111
  16. At First I Was Pissed Of That I Didnt Donate, Now I'm Happi As Hell That I Didnt Donate, And I Hope That SOB Will Get Whats Comming To Him Real Soon.
  17. On Like Relationships, They Dont Even Last As Long As Celeberty Relationships.
  18. Hey Z-Neo, And Dont Worry, I Dont THink I Ever Posted Here To Introduce My Self.
  19. i Was Just Gonna PM You, Linky Me! Heres 50 Creds, You'll Get The Other Half When You Get The Job Done.
  20. I'm On THe Same Boat As Gryph. Lactose-intolerate. And I Get Nasty Gas When I Eat Breakfast.
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