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  1. Ya'll need to start smoking pot. MUCH healthier.
  2. That's not right! I drink alcohol and I still didn't smoke Smoking + Drinking = Ultimate High However, I proudly don't do either. Check out my signature image for more information. You'd know that huh you drunk druggie? And its pretty cool BTW. A total mix of emotions.
  3. Ok, we dont need proof. We believe you. Any moron with half a brain cell could have made this.
  4. Ehh I stopped drink to get wasted. Getting sick got very old. I smoke now. All natural it cant kill me!
  5. I used to be a PC elitist and I then I realized how incredibly flocking stupid it was. This guy used to be cool. How've you been Ghosty? I've had better days. Did you ever move back to New Orleans?
  6. Is Santa Ana a really good place to do parkour? Haven't been there a lot to see whether it was. Overall not really. The courthouse area looks promising
  7. I used to be a PC elitist and I then I realized how incredibly flocking stupid it was. This guy used to be cool. I predict Master Chief will get shot in the face and die a slow and agonizing death. Then we will all be happy.
  8. Consider yourselves lucky. Didnt sleep a wink last night.
  9. This thread again? Yes the bottom 3 files on the left is porn.
  10. Parkour Porn Smoking pot Growing pot Porn Lock picking Pen spinning I know I got a few more.
  12. Damn do they plan to profit off that?! 1 complaint, WHY SO MUCH EXCESSIVE WOOD?!
  13. I was just out there! It was wicked here in so cal! Ehhh 4 am good night!
  14. Why dont you just buy an unlocked iPhone? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=230164884672 I wouldnt get one for music/phone purposes, but the web browser looks good. I find the browser the only plus for it.
  15. nah just delete that game well im off to download cs zero .... terrorist win EWW condition Zero. 1.6 is better. Servers arent filled with bots.
  16. I highly doubt that, when ripping straight from DVD would be much easier.
  17. Search pictures of the socket, then compare.
  18. It might be talking about the extra power connector on the left of the card.
  19. Fat Ass.... I mean, the creators are probably just trying to connect with today's youth.
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