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  1. Last exile, if you're quite familiar with computers, I might suggest compiling your own version of FBA or MAME. That way you'll be using a non-crappy emulator and be able to use the roms you have. BTW. there are ways to convert decrypted roms to encrypted ones if you have enouh ram and care about correct emulation.
  2. So what you're looking for is basically a karaoke plugin?? Or a vocal reduction plugin? I remember having a sound card that had an output setting that allowed this... I'll look around and see what I can find for you.
  3. I don't think olafnes has this... FDS support?? How about mouse->lightgun mapping (does it have this already??) SuperGlove emulation?
  4. Pop pop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is or If I was an Oscar Meyer weiner...
  5. Oh nos! UT2k4 takes 1ms more to boot! Win2k is teh crap. LOL
  6. I've never had any flaws in gaming.. I do like the fact that 2k doesn't come with all of that bloaty crap and worthless eyecandy XP does.
  7. Eh, I wouldn't know about that. Well... the emulation might be decent, but the speeds will still be very very slow.
  8. Duke Nukem "Taking" Forever Anyway, I do understand where 3d realms is coming from... If the mod turns out to be crappy, it will reflect badly back on them (Kinda like their own game [Duke Nukem - Manhattan project ]).
  9. That's great news And 10 FPS is pretty decent for something as complex as the PS2's hardware.
  10. Well.. I've only ever taken one programming class and it was for FORTRAN. I do know these though: Javascript HTML Some C/C++ Some PHP
  11. Crappy... I was downloading Alien Vs. Preditor and it said there were no seeds and deleted it from the download queue...
  12. Sure are some negative flocks in this forum... Anyway, I do agree. Conan O'brien is waay more funny than any of those other guys. (Leno's pretty funny, but there's not enough poo jokes )
  13. LMAO, the dumbest and awesomest thing I've ever seen
  14. Meh. give me a dreamcast 2 anyday
  15. Exeem is a nice idea, but I don't see it doing well at all. Also, this beta (which seems more like an alpha to me) makes my processor usage shoot up to 99%!
  16. Thanks for the news Gryph Sad to hear he's gone, I vaguely remember his show, but it's stil sad.
  17. Nope. You can use mingw/cgywin & gcc to compile again.
  18. LMAO. Believe me, you don't want to make a game LIKE CTHD2003 i don't even think the people who made it wanted to make it like it is
  19. Lol, seems the mamedev feel the same as we do http://www.mame.net/cgi-bin/wwwthreads/sho...sb=7#Post166210
  20. I'm betting a chick... I mean... since "Greek Goddess" kinda implies that
  21. Yeah. I've been wanting to play that myself as well. it does look pretty awesome I hope that xacrow changes mind some day, but I doubt it. I'm betting him releasing these pictures is to "get us back" for having progear..
  22. That xacrow dude is a hoarder to the nTh power. He won't release anything, so don't hold your breath.
  23. is that an error message you get from your emulator??
  24. i think if americans had their downloads capped, the isps would lose a shitload of cash, and everyone knows what is most important to americans businesses...
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