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  1. http://finance.news.com.au/story/0,10166,1...5-31037,00.html much better and found on the same site. finally, now we shall see the destruction of walmart.
  2. http://www.mamedev.org Thanks to Denzilla for the news
  3. Looks like Ville's on fire lately!! Check out the goods here: http://www.mameworld.net/vlinde/
  4. When you start recording it brings a popup up asking you what compression codec you'd like to use.
  5. The mods and regular visitors. Everyone here makes this site a very friendly, open place to be.
  6. This might explain... from the readme in the iso Btw, just checked out the game, it's a re-make of the penguin throwing yeti game
  7. Check out Ville's WIP log for amazing screenshots of Star Wars Trilogy running in MAME! http://www.mameworld.net/vlinde/ (Thanks to Ooga from the MAME forums) Also see Luca's cutesey screenshots of the Spanish Taito game Animalandia Jr. http://www.lucaelia.com/mame.php (Thanks to R00n5t3r from the MAME forums) And last but not least, look at Haze's... interesting... Final Tetris WIP. http://haze.mameworld.info/
  8. Why the hell is publishing screenshots prohibited???
  9. Looks like a nice little update I really dig Aaron's style of focusing on fixing MAME's tremendous amount of bugs.
  10. I did the laser tweak and have the lid off. I plan on buying a case that can handle full sized media as soon as a decent one comes out. As for the laser tweak, it was easy. Much easier than installing the chip even, and it made the dre's i was getting go away.
  11. I'm quite interested in this, but I doubt we'll see it dumped any time soon...
  12. Finally got around to talking to Razoola today. He pointed me to this page (which I overlooked ) http://unibios.free.fr/howitworks.html
  13. I've been using fstfix for quite a while, nice tool Btw, have you tried using dvd-r's? Supposedly those are suppose to work better (though nothing but +r's work on mine )
  14. As much as he does seem guilty, the family of the "victim" seem to be people who only wanted money and were "out to get" MJ.
  15. Hmm.. I'll have to ask razoola about this.
  16. And it probably never will be again. Nrx and crappy hacks of it (like the EGCG version) just can't do proper emulation of the neo-geo hardware...
  17. It's completely legal, no gray area afaik. Razoola wrote the bios from scratch in 68k assember from what I can remember.
  18. Thanks to Neoaethyr for this bit of news: *Link removed until matter of legality of this bios is cleared up* From the what's new included in the file:
  19. I know I'm definitely looking forward to those dexdrive games. Those have for sure never been emulated... Very sexy.
  20. English and small amount of Spanish. I can read a lot more than I can speak though, I "get" most Romantic languages.
  21. Most likely they do this because it would shoot their bandwidth usage through the roof to host a new mame version once every few weeks, and also they don't want to encourage people to use these Ux releases.
  22. Not too much new, but nice to see lots of fixes
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