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  1. I think I'm just going to cut my losses and accept that building my own romset was a stupid thing to do for a noob, and get something already configured. Maybe I'll add the missing games. Thanks again guys.
  2. You were completely in the right. It was stupid to do, there's no getting around it. I took the post as helpful.
  3. I played the demo in a store (lol yeah) and I got my ass handed to me on the level harder than medium - forget what it was called. I don't wan to judge the game too quickly but does it get more fun? I dunno, I just wasn't impressed as much as I thought I'd be. SF 3 instantly grabbed me, this really didn't. I plan on buying a PS3 soon and I don't know if I'm going to even buy this, and my excitement level was pretty high. In no way am I going to blame the game for my sucking, but god I sucked bad. Worst of all is that I'm re-playing the first Ninja Gaiden for Xbox right now and thought SF4 was more daunting. I did almost win my third fight but maybe I should just wait for MvC 3 or check out BlazBlue.
  4. I never really was a big MK fan but I can't say I wasn't impressed. Looks good.
  5. I would definitely add Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 and/or No Mercy since they are still incredibly relevant. I'm just happy to see Sin and Punishment on there.
  6. Yeah I know but I thought it would help answer the question. If it's against the TOS, my apologies.
  7. I am in the process of building a romset, dl-ing roms only from the mame sections (even for CPS 1.2 and NG games) from the usual sites. I read that coinops is built from mame 84 and that updated roms may not work. I'm just really worried that all the work I've done was a waste. I haven't any idea how old those roms are on the site, but is anything Mame ok? For screenshots I've added, the average size is something like 300x230, will the emulator automatically re-size them to fit size of the entire screen? Thanks again. Sorry about all the questions.
  8. I just read the wiki article and couldn't believe that there was a RPG-like mode added to this port or version. I had a lot of great memories playing this at a friend's house on TG 16 as a kid. It seemed like the best console version.
  9. Yeah, I added the majority of CPS 1,2 and Neo Geo games. I want to keep FB because I'm very attached to it, and I love having those sets in separate form, especially Neo Geo. If I manually add screenshots, is there any specific I have to name them? Would I have to name the img the proper rom name. For instance, for After Burner 2, would I name the img 'aburner2' in accordance to the rom name? Yes, I'm a noob at this stuff. Thanks for any help.
  10. I downloaded reignite X standalone and was wondering if there are screenshot packs floating around? Thank you. BTW my small, customized romset is 3GB lol. I decided to get rid of mame 84 for Reignite X, mame 72 and b6. I'll still have FB as well.
  11. Here are mine, no particular order: There are only two Shock Troopers games. Run and Gun (or R&G 2) didn't receive a proper console port. Technos only made two WWF games, no sequels or ports of WWF Wrestlefest The MVP Baseball and NFL 2K series were discontinued. Exclusive rights suck. No sequel to WWF No Mercy while the crapdown series is in its 56th installment. The death of 2D games in the late 90s. So many great games and ideas never came about due to virtually all developers focusing their attention to 3D. EA sports abandoning the NHLPA 93/NHL 94 and NBA Live 95/96 engines in order to go fully 3D. Personally, I feel more sim-like versions of these games on the PSX would make for some of the best games of all time. I wonder what would have happened with the Dreamcast had Sega agreed to EA's offer of making exclusive sports games for the console and have the visual concepts make non-sports games. I loved the NBA, NHL and NFL 2K games but Sega may have won the war - at least stayed alive in the console business - had they made that deal with the devil. On a related note, what if Sega's Star Wars Trilogy Arcade was released for the Dreamcast?
  12. Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium Shadowrun - The combat/shooting system sucks or I suck but it's still a favorite Super Castlevania IV Zombies Ate My Neighbors Contra III Castlevania: Dracula X - not as good as the PC Engine CD game but great Mega Man X3 Wild Guns Sunset Riders - prefer the arcade version TMNT: Turtles in Time
  13. NHLPA 93 - favorite game of all time Shadowrun - more cyberpunk games need to be released Gunstar Heroes Castlevania: Bloodlines Contra: Hard Corps Road Rash 2 Aladdin Strider - definitely prefer the arcade version Streets of Rage 2 Valis 3
  14. Does Rapid Reload run smoother than its Japanese version Gunners Heaven? The screen flickers like crazy. I had the settings correct, I believe.
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