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  1. u need an older versio nof aim.. then come on over to the aol
  2. Is that a transformer? yea.. have alot of pics.. i use them for xbox skins start on this page to see my skins.. would have put geocities site but its down..like usual
  3. .... if i remember correctly Lantus posted that he locked newer games cause fba pc fallows the same rule as mame,kawaks... yes, we know there are loaders for kawaks n you can compile your own mame... n if he saw games running on it by ppl posting pics he was gona cancel it.. all i'm saying is I'm looking forward for fbax b5, Psikyo n the open source.. to add the games again... i don't see ppl adding drivers to xba to play the Famicom Mini Vol games .. if the author of vba added them then its not our problem that we play the newer games.. on xba.. Also quote from TMaul
  4. GLiTcH


    now all of you kiss my avas ass under K Kusanagi Chizuru under Maxima Adel Maki under Whip Mukai Random
  5. GLiTcH


    just change bios to debug.. change ur language n have fun
  6. posting crap at XS about running banned games on fbax or kawax is just patchetic. the one i just saw got Lantus pissed off.. Its also posted at his site.. if you got games working dont go n show them off... i for one dont want fbax to be discontinued.. I'm not blaming anybody here(except for those flockers that posted this).. but you have to be smarter that... dont go acting like a 10 yr with a new toy showing it off to his friend.. *counts to 10*
  7. true just dont ask about sites where you can d/l emus n other stuff.. made with xdk.. (Xbox Development Kit)
  8. i've been looking but with no luck.. are there any sites with them.. dont feel like tytping in game genie codes..lol
  9. i guess i'll spam a bit psx ps2 gc snes nes n64 gba xbox dc saturn
  10. im playing it right now.. its pretty good *back to bor*
  11. BoR by xport more info about Bor game here
  12. i got a kawaks for kof2k3.. but hte dat file is different.. it freezes on mid. lol.. just have to wait for a hacked file.
  13. Yes, the last boss Johann is a cheater, because he uses spheres of energy to win & he doesn't use his arms & his legs. Speaking of impossible, has anyone successfully beat Nam1975? I have a savegame right before the last boss, and I haven't been able to beat him for 4 months. Talk about cheap! first and only time i beat it on the actual neogeo system was yrs back.. n late at night too.. just use the unibios to cheat
  14. i like the uni-nios.. lets me cheat on neogames that r freaking hard to finish.. example.. M.Lord... n Viewpoint.. n btw..i got samsho5 running on my fbax.. but its not worth it.. just stick with KP
  15. this game is a good addition to kawaxplus.. bring on mslug5
  16. yes it possible.. there I helped.. i'm using that kawaX plus version.. works also if u have a hacked xbe v10.. i was using that b4 too
  17. nice work Neo.. i got everything running perfectly.. now bring on SS0
  18. sounds good.... been on queue for a long time to get tima gal +mp3 from u
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