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  1. been a long time, is this the latest version? got a new system, old one died. have rom set for fbanext that i found thats for 360. is there an emu that supports this set?
  2. thanks, havent mess with my xbox in months. new update means older sets wont work.
  3. no_country_for_old_men the ending was was blah!
  4. i have the cps 3 games. but does this emu uses different rom names? i cant seem to find a list of the names so far i've loaded jojo n not the other cps3 games...
  5. cps3 support.. nice... i want to know, how do i set the controller layout for all the neogeo games instead of doing it one by one. same for cps1,cps2 etc i know kawaks does it after setting it up for one game.. thanks.. trying different emus here
  6. its out go to the site forums to get it
  7. from what i know, the core doesnt have hdmi ports ,just the pro n elite
  8. i don't think thats going to happen
  9. nice.. would be cool if he made it to support cps1 n 2 also.. all in one emu..
  10. cool, hope to see the bug fix when changing to 720p... n support 720p skins o traxen, sorry been busy thats why i havent send you the skins..
  11. Well the psp its going to suck even more now that Dark Alex its leaving the scene.. so no more OE cfw
  12. for xbox you need the xdk.. dont ask here for it though.. heres an early pic of my dash back in the day..
  13. Its been a few hrs already.. come on GameCop wake up
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