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  1. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! Do Donpachi 3 its out......???? damn i've been out of the emu scene for a while... must find it
  2. i get "error starting kof2k3" worked fine on last version.. n sometimes the games wont load.. the emu freezes
  3. cool, i need a bigger hd for my xbox.. 120 is not enough. lol.. r maxtors lockable???
  4. try a pawn shop, i got my second one for Live for 80 but came with two S controllers, going to get another for my nephew.. same price..
  5. nevermind, btw does this have + T + rom set? i dont want to go rom hunting if it doesnt.. takes too long..lol
  6. sounds good, need to look for it
  7. more rom updates, damn, i'll check it out later though thanks
  8. Just go to N3o's house. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i do a couple of times out of the yr
  9. got everything working fine now
  10. It runs fine...except the short 10 sec black HW startup...for both parent and clone. -djohng <{POST_SNAPBACK}> they run fine on mameox but they wont load on fbaxxxpro, can you post ur crcs?
  11. dfeveron runs fine for me no matter how many times I launch it. One thing I have noticed though is that the screen stays black during the HW test for this game so you may have to give it a minute or so before it starts (or just fast-forward through it ). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i have left it on the black screen for more than 10 min.. n i have also fast-forward it n i get a ram error or something like that:(
  12. i dont know whats wrong with my dfeveron n feversos games. they just go to a black screeen.. i have only played dfeveron once n when i try to launch it again.. nothing.. anybody else having this problem? this r the only two that wont run even though it says this romset is correct
  13. yay, everything its fixed.. now to get naruto 125 thanks + T + for all of ur hard work
  14. thanks for the help, i'll see if i can find it
  15. i get a bank error when i try to launch samsho5nd, the crcs are correct on the dats, thanks to Traxen for helping me
  16. i was going to try a blue but if u look at the text of the games,, it might not look right, but theres only one way to find out
  17. thanks again, I also made an update to my fighter skin need just to mess a bit with the xml..
  18. you can, right now im running boths + T + n gogo's.. since i was having trouble finding some runs..
  19. - Fixed it so the emu now runs correctly from disc as well as HDD (DATs, ini, etc. are now created in E:\TDATA\ffff0504 rather than the root directory).
  20. if u have old bios u might need to patch the xbe.. try xbepatch
  21. thanks for the link, i got svcsplus running now.. here is the old set plus the other files i needed, crc 's i mean.. thanks to Traxen edit:ss5spnd crcfixed, thanks again for link
  22. ok, heres a rom the emu freezes on, n it used to work b4 maybe i need to rename the files, which i'll do in a bit.. i found the files, but wrong crcs.. lol.. heres my old set
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