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  1. If there's anyone out there willing to burn a dvd or some cds with the complete romset for fbaxxx, e-mail me at xboxcavalier@yahoo.com I've spent hours messing with this, don't have time for it.
  2. It's a real port that's been released in Korea for a while. There's actually a couple other Neo games released similarly. Playmore's name is all over it. Want a laugh? Bust the iso and see that it's a emulator using roms downloaded from mame.dk (their text file is in the.zip)
  3. What I've read lately makes me believe I'd just wind up banned, though mine does have a switch. Not that big of a deal I guess. One of my buds tried to transfer me the stuff, and the game just hangs at startup. So delete the stuff, it works again. Weak.
  4. Sounds hopeless. Well it's not worth buying another xbox and going on live, mine's modded and I'd probably wind up banned. Am I the only one that feels these xbox live "expansions" are a crappy way to do offline customers though? They could at least release them on a damned disc we can buy at the store. That Rainbow Six 3 companion disc had stuff for Splinter Cell and GR Island Thunder, and it was worth every penny. Same for the DOA3 Expansion that came with a demo disc in a magazine. Mech Assault Expansion - $5, or not more than $10, I'm sure it'd sell some copies. A lot of people have the game. If anyone else knows of how I can get that stuff, let me know.
  5. I'm an avid mech assault player who can't get on live. Is there any way for me to download the expansion packs that any of you know of?
  6. Has this new version of FBAxghost been updated with crc checks removed yet? Nearly every game I try to run fails at crc check.
  7. Also make sure you've got the correct BIOS.
  8. Fixed it up. What a waste. That just set me up with another kof2003 test screen.
  9. romcenter crashs my computer, I've downloaded it new and same thing. I don't know what I could be doing wrong. I have three different kawa-x versions that run on the bios I'm using, but this one will not. I'm gonna try a different game and see if that's the problem.
  10. I've used three different bios files, they all do the exact same thing. Loads through every KOF2003 file, then gets to sfix.sfx and my Xbox freezes right up. I don't get it. I used the kawaks dev bios, I used the mame hack bios, I used the usual kawa-x bios, and still nothing.
  11. I get to sfix.sfx and it crashs EVERY time.
  12. What bios does that damned kawaxxx want?! So frustrating. Little help, anyone that has it working. I'm at xboxcavalier@yahoo.com
  13. Is that like a blackscreen with an error code? I get a pure blue screen guys. I'm not sure how to tackle this one, I'll try a couple more things then I'm done. And this concludes me working on this romset. I believe it's fake.
  14. Thinking of picking up a dreamx unit. Where can I get this hacked Mameox set?
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