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  1. anybody have a patch for this file, as you can see i have wrong crc, but it still loads n plays same thing on samsho5
  2. kof2k2nd loads now thanks + T +, i'll try n recreate that bug..
  3. hmm still having prob with kof2k2nd.. like i sais it worked fine on the last build.. not the recent ones.. lol... here my crc's, it says rom set its correct but all i get its a black screen
  4. Is that just Pro or does FBA-XXX do this also? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i just testes gogo's latest n it does the same... dont remember this bug on lantus fbax version.... going to test other roms btw, thanks for update
  5. I'm having troublerunning kof2k2nd, when I launch it it says "the romset its correct" then it starts to load then I get a black screen, on last build it would load it just fine.. rotdnd has been changed too, now it asks for a 264-p1n.bin thats 8mb instead of four... also when you launch an incomplete rom set the emu freezes .. still testing the other roms edit: the emu freezes on roms that are incomplete n fbaxxxpro displays " Graphical data is missing"
  6. thank + T + , i'm still having probs finding the files you need... but still searching
  7. GLiTcH


    yea they load directly
  8. cool, wonder if i'll be needing new sets..lol.. still need svc
  9. GLiTcH


    except sfac. unless u rip sf3 n hsf2 from dvd.. i did, but have them on seperate folders on hd, just deleted the movie also
  10. yea +T+, i did all this updating n when i tryed b5 i was like wtf, wheres my other kof games ..lol.. went back to pro
  11. You may need to give it a minute, the pcb has a black screen when you boot up for what seems like 5 minutes. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> it loads pretty fast on mameox by bender n on gogo's old fbaxxx version..
  12. sorry, but still no go.. i matched the crcs to the FBA-XXX Pro (ClrMame Pro) dat file, but still get a black screen..
  13. couldnt find any, but i'll look later on, also dangun feveron dont work:(
  14. almost done with updating to the new sets, wasnt hard except for the decrypted vs i need for kof2002 n matrim, all i need its svcchaos rom.. btw, the new sets are big, lol ranging frpm 60mb to 90+ mb.. heh, good thing for a 120hd
  15. ahh , ok.. damn its hard to find them.. same thing happened with matrim.zip..
  16. new problem, my kof2k2 runs fine n all but music its messed up.. static noise.. runs fine on bendermameox.. these r my crcs for my v roms: 265-v1d.bin 15e8f3f5 265-v2d.bin da41d6f9
  17. ok, so i just updated to this emu since gogo its going to do the same to his, my problem,so far, its that when i launch kof2003 using kof2003b.zip it freezes my xbox.. just goes to boot screen, the green one of fbaxxx pro.. edit:L got it working , had to set unibios to on
  18. Hmm... What happens when you try to run Bender's MAMEoX? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> same thing of fbaxxx,freeze on xbox logo <{POST_SNAPBACK}> what bios r u using? maybe u ned to patch the xbe
  19. like this? well, I know what ur talking about that dos crap.. havent messed much with these games.. when i go to mk2 or 3 i still get the mat intro n select screen.. i cant seem to get rid of the other bik files to show only mk2 for mk2 game n mk3 for mk 3.. .. but like i said.. havent messed with this much.. but if you still need help just ask.. also made a new icon.. just messed with chokemaniac's template.
  20. im using the latest version bendermameox.21.01.2005.Fixed, but why does it show a different date when u get to this screen of a game: i deleted the save file from the ms dashboard.. or thats something thats on the xbe?? also, what setting to i set the crystal kings to have it run on this version?
  21. where can i get this bendermameox from?
  22. no need for multiple kawaxs o nmy hd. fbaxxx its fine for me.. all in one emu, thats all i need
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