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  1. Can anyone help me with the above? Thanks V0ID
  2. Thanks for the help N3oGhost and Gouki! In taking N3oGhost's advice and completely renaming the romset provided by Gouki and using the P and M roms from the plus pack Matrimelee now works perfectly Its a great game and I'm really pleased to get it working 100% - the help is VERY much appreciated guys. V0ID
  3. Thanks for the help So is the only version of svc chaos that will play with kawa-x plus the one using the P roms from the plus pack? Does anyone have the original running or are using different P roms? Just wondering as I heard the PLUS version had a few bugs so I would like to get as close to the original as possible. If anyone is running the original or are using different P roms I would be extremely grateful if they could tell me where I could find them. Cheers. V0ID
  4. Cheers for that link Gouki. Will they work with the rest of the.bin matrimelee files? Was wondering because in the picture provided with kawa-x plus all the renamed files used in the matri.zip are.bin. V0ID
  5. Thanks Gouki (again), thats a lot of info So what you're saying is that the only rom set of svc chaos that I find will be the bootleg version? I'm just curious as both sets I have tried with Kawa-X plus have had all the characters unlocked but I didn't see 'PLUS' appear at the beginning of the game. V0ID
  6. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the differences are between the original svc chaos rom and the 'plus' rom? Also, I would be very grateful if someone could tell me where I could download the original. Lastly, does the original rom work with kawa-x plus? Thanks. V0ID
  7. Thanks Gouki, much appreciated. Do you know where I can find the correct P1 & P2 roms? I used the ones which are supposed to be for matrimelee provided with Kawa-X Plus. V0ID
  8. Thanks Gouki, but I don't think I explained the problem very well. I had already put it into console mode but when I reset the game I get a black screen with red writing saying "Warning this rom cartridge is for use with original snk boards only. Copying of snk boards is prohibited and may result in severe civil and criminal penalties and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law." As I said before I hacked the matrimelee rom using the kof2k1 romset and am using Kawa-X 0.11. The game runs perfectly in arcade mode. I would be extremely grateful if anyone could help me run the game in console mode. Thanks. V0ID
  9. I followed the instructions on the Kawa-X Plus website and got matrimelee working but there are graphics problems such as the health bar, spirit bar, time etc. are scrambled. Its playable but I would like to get it running perfectly. I was wondering if anyone could help me or if this is the best I can hope for? Thanks. V0ID p.s I have double checked that I named all the roms correctly and used the p1, p2 and m1 roms from the package provided with Kawa-X Plus. Could it have something to do with the NeoGeo.zip I am using? NeoGeo.zip: 000-lo.lo asia.s3.rom sfix.sfx sm1.sm1 sp-e.sp1 sp-j2.rom sp-s.sp1 sp-s2.sp1 usa_2slt.bin vs-bios.rom
  10. Apologies for the double post and thanks for answering my question. Can anyone now tell me how to run Matrimelee in console mode with kawa-x? Thanks. V0ID
  11. I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether its possible to run Matrimelee in console mode with kawa-x? I hacked the matrimelee rom using the kof2k1 romset - it works perfectly except for not being able to use console mode. Also, can anyone tell me the advantages of using the hacked kawa-x (kawa-x PLUS I think its called) over using individually hacked roms? Thanks. V0ID
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