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  1. On a PSX pad L1=White and R1=Black (or is it the other way around?). But basically you just pressed FBA's reset combination. I did actually change this to L+R+Start in a past Pro build but I guess I forgot to include that change in the more recent ones. When I eventually get around to compiling a new build I'll re-implement it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> since fba-xxx its dead.. hope ur next build has this fixed... also why sometimes when i want to scroll down the game list it wont let me? if i hold down n scroll to the last game in list it starts scrolling back up by itself
  2. cool.. i need to find some rom fixes now.. also the sound glitch n reset glitch r still there ..
  3. thanks for clearing that up
  4. ok i got all files in my folder, but my question is... is there an app that lets me make a working ps2 iso? i tryed making it with a program i have but when i burned it n tryed to load it theough sm+ it says to put in a ps2 game... i need an app like the way xbox has,qwix nevermind.. got it
  5. well im using a ps2 converter cause its easier to have the x3 punches n x3 kicks n everyother button.... while i was playing sf2 i pressed on ps2 the L 1 n 2 + R 1 n 2 buttons n the game reseted... is this a glitch or its something thats been there... if its something thats been there, wouldnt it be better to take that off since u can reset the rom through fbaxxx pro menu... on xbox controller its the L + R + black + white buttons...
  6. figured out how to do it with ar max.. yay *takes back GS*
  7. well got it to work with gameshark.. n the method i used i didnt tryed it with ar max.. going to go buy it again..if i get it running will take back gameshark(piece of crap wont d/l cheats through broadband..lol..)
  8. im trying to get a game to run with cheats.. but cant seem to get it right? also do AR work fine on a modded ps2(to run cheats on regular n backups)
  9. Thanks man I think I'll go with the 2.6 and I'll let you know how it goes <{POST_SNAPBACK}> go for that. i dont trust softmods either.
  10. yes im sure..lol..n nobody answered where i could get that swap magic from
  11. i have used my psx cables n my friends.. it has to do something inside the system.. o well...
  12. well my audio went out on just the left side.. i hate mono.. anyways since that went out i was thinking of moding it or getting a swap magic 3,6, thats the latest i heard, anyways what a good reliable place to get this from.. in USA btw i have a v1-4 from what i've check..
  13. this seems to happen on neogeo section as far as i know.. i changed from svcsplus to ss2 n the noise glitch started happening.. i had the memory card inserted(neo geo emulated on fbaxxx) took it out n then it started the glitch edit:ok this happenes even with out the memorycard inserted...again, i went from svcsplus to ss2 n it happenes again, if you change from ss2 to another neo game, sound problem its still there.. only happened on pro version. tryed regular fbaxxx n i cant reproduce it.. edit2: ok after some more testing, it seems that svssplus its the cause of this,, i tryed different games n no luck, i can only reproduce this glitch when i launch svcsplus then quit n change to another neogame
  14. naruto its been getting boring for me.. maybe it lost its touch.. i'm into bleach now, which kick naruto's ass..imo
  15. for me its not pal, since i have ntsc.. n i only get this sound prob when changing to games.. going to try n see if i can reproduce this glitch
  16. that means its gona suck as bad as RE did
  17. hmm.. maybe i need to delete the whole save directory.. since i havent played fbaxxx in a while..maybe that will fix it.. never had issues with older pro builds
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