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  1. yes lmao.. i dont hink i have ever heard of that app.. if u have a bigger HD put ava as ur dashboard n get qwix. qwix can make/extract isos etc.. also.. if you want to put a game on ur hd n still have it in iso form, qwix can be used to ftp it to ur xbox with avalaunch as ur dash.. no need to extract iso then ftp the files .. qwix does it for you, just load iso n choose ftp all
  2. i cant d/l it says : Tracker Status: offline(unrecoginize host (ip addy here ) go to www.1emulation/tTracker to login or sign up i tryed logging in but get access denied
  3. open ur ports.. i trying force download n still wont go
  4. i dont have Live, but i do have the contents of Crimson Skies.. new planes,maps(d/l off net).. etc.. i uploaded them to my game on HD... it works on system link
  5. yes, finally. my life its complete now
  6. i have the magic box.. works fine... havent used it in a long time..
  7. default xbe or mamexbe? which file is needed to patch? Read the included "readme.txt" file in the download. well to anyone that didnt d/l the patch n want to know if its the default or mame xbe: there you go..
  8. default xbe or mamexbe? which file is needed to patch?
  9. i hope so, dont want to go rom hunting again..
  10. ss5snd.zip thats the name it has to be
  11. how come when I applied ur first patch,+T+, on the mame.xbe file.. the emu didnt load,, for that matter didnt show up on my emu list, i tryed patch on regular default, saw it on my list.. but didnt load.. the xbox frooze
  12. cool.. anybody had prob with sfa3 loading... on 9/01/04 version... mine didnt load at all.. i want patch
  13. cool me dont know how to use newsgroup, so i'll wait for a torrent file..
  14. using this now: need to make evox skin to match it..lol
  15. my spawn evox skin with my thc dash this is one of 4 spawn dashes i use... now have textured stuff on dash too
  16. i have the some rom files if u need , maybe other files for the roms ur missing.. pm for if u want it
  17. connect a controller to port 2,3 or 4
  18. update: 2020 super baseball 2020bb.zip... 3 count bout 3countb.zip dont have the other ones
  19. maybe u have them named wrong.. these r my banned roms zip names. n work find with fbaxxx08022004: Crouching tiger hidden dragon 2003 cths2k3n.zip Metal slug 4 mslug4nd.zip Metal Slug 5 mslug5n.zip Power Instinct Matrimelee pim.zip Rage of the Dragons rotd.zip Samurai Shodown 5 samsho5.zip Sengoku 3 sengoku3.zip..... Snk vs Capcom Chaos svcbl.zip Snk vs Capcom Plus svcplus.zip Strikers 1945 Plus s1945.zip.. this is over 70mb... i had s1945pn too,but that just caused graphic errors.. Kof 2k1 kof2k1nd.zip kof 2k2 kof2k2.zip kof 2k3 kof2k3.zip also others you mentioned: Bang Bead bangbead.zip Fatal Fury Special fatfursp.zip Last Blade lastblad.zip Robo Army roboarmy.zip havent tryed the other ones cause i havent uploaded them to HD or i dont have like jockeygp
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