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  1. well, just finished f ixing svcbl... no crc errors....n cthd2k3n.. thanks to prican for some rom files.. all of my other banned roms work fine
  2. i have a rom file or 2..... also you might ask prican since ur using his build.... i m using the last fbaxxx build with the banned roms from gogo.. my kof2k3 n others work find.. except for a few rom files im missing in some games,wrong crcs.. but no big deal since its svcbl.. got plus working..... if u want help, pm me
  3. u mean.. like getting all the roms....? maybe we can help
  4. got it.. had that rom too.. 70+mb..lol.. but it works..
  5. o kok this sounds cool.. i see baed disc 1 at super site.. what systems thats it contain???
  6. nv h ad to rename it.. now i need a file 5003.m1d.bin.. or something like that
  7. i finally got the emu to get all of my roms excepts for cthd2k3.. wtf.. was it taken out or what?
  8. ok.. i got my kof2k3 2k2 to show.. put i have to put them on the roms folder of fba xxx.. i set the rom path to read the ones from kawax.. n they dont show up.. wtf. lol
  9. can some one post a pic of the correct crcs of the rom files.. i got one.. works fine in kawax but not fba xxx.. its bugged out on fba.... i'll post a pic of my crcs later..
  10. i just got this version.. n it wont recognize my other banned roms mslug 4,5 etc.. wtf... havent been online for a long time.. so do i need new files for the othe roms or what?.. some one help me
  11. cool didnt know they were from Tx.. i got mine from modchipman.com... i installed an x2.3b lite plus chip.. had no problems with flashing.. didnt want t o solder..lol i hot glued that sucker.. next up.. a 200gig hd.. soon.. yes.. soon
  12. " Interesting Prob I Found With Fbax And Sfa3" was it you or some other guy...
  13. same here... i have a collection of thc i have made.. check my page... using this for right now my ambient sound its the transformer music
  14. here the png file.. no need for me to zip it. .. right click on pic n save it
  15. decided to make another one... nothing else to do.. probably this will be last.. still messing.. not final for the girls pic
  16. haha.. look at my site.. i made thc dashes
  17. not yet working on the preview pic.. but.. i dont know about it.. this is only a test or is it? yea its finall..lol
  18. ok ok.. since evryone is doing two skins. i said what the heck.. unsure to have fbax on this pic.. loading edit: i put ghozt.. hehe on that screen
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