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  1. Wait...how about the phalic like control thing that was shown in the demo for the controller.?
  2. I watched the MGS4 trailer. It was fantastic....was thinking about starting a topic for it but it seems not many here are fans of the series, or at most passive fans. Thanks for the coverage Davel...
  3. Looks like you need some recommendations too by the looks of that list 2eyez. Beck Vison of Escaflowne Serial Experiment Lain Bastard!! Full Metal Panic Vandread Kiddie Grade Getbackers Berserk (read the manga) Rahxephon Wolf's Rain Macross Plus Utena (sort of shoujo but I dig it) Lost Universe Jin-Roh: Wolf Brigade And I esecially recommend these two titles...they will blow your mind. Mindgame Dead Leaves
  4. I'm pretty sure ******** has licensed material. But I guess it doesn't break the rules as long as you don't post links.... It's funny I can't find the Forum rules anywhere...hmmmm.
  5. Obviously you were inspired by my very own tribute to Disoblige song that I did some time back... I must say, your voice isn't as annoying at all. If done right, you could be a good host for the Radio show...go for it!!
  6. God died while you were gone....the reception was lackluster.
  7. Just finished watching it. Pretty good stuff. Very Metal Slug influenced I'd say? In addition to the other influences inherent, anime etc. This would be cool as a video game. I'm betting someone is working on it right now! Slow motion the vid and watch the hat wearing hero who kicks. He shows his true face...kekekekek.
  8. That scene looked a little meh....I'd rather see something in the same vain as the cartoon, where Wolverine takes on 4 sentinles in the dark.
  9. Viacom owns alot of shite. It seems like everyday they buy more companies, amassing into an even larger conglomerate. But no worries.......Google will get them in the end. Because Google always wins.
  10. Yes, I agree but it was released in 2002 so it's not likely being shown on TV in Japan any longer! It rules because the same director who worked on the Ghost in the Shell movie also worked on the 26 episodes. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Also because Mr. Ghost in the Shell himself worked on it! Go go Shirow and your very attractive women characters! I recommend Ergo Proxy, only because it uses Paranoid Android as it's opening theme. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I second Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, the tv series. The second season definately outdoes the first, GITS: 2nd GIG. Also 26 eps. The fact that Yoko Kanno did the music for the series is reason enough to watch. Most of anything she works on is gold...
  11. The only way to justify the time the person or person's went to devise those contraptions is if at the very end it provided the cure for cancer....
  12. http://www.soufoaklin.com/tattooartist.html It's actually fake...but I so wish it were true.
  13. I think I've figured out who...or actually what was behind the attacks. It's the Patriots! They're trying to bring 1Emu to its knees....curses! I was able to decrypt the message La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo from the info about their actions...
  14. Hmmm...looks very promising. I'd almost want to buy an Xbox360 just for this. Who knows...
  15. What makes you think I'm on the internet? I use my ghost to make remote connections... I know of Wolfenstein...just not by that variant name. I don't play PC games to begin with.
  16. What's ET Drake? If this is the abbreviation for a game...it's not coming to me. Magnis is apparently playing Metal Gear Online. You guys should form a 1Emu clan with him and represent.
  17. I'm pretty neat....aside from my bouts of laziness in which things slowly pile up on my table. Then I clean things up and it will stay neat for a while. I don't have a lot of stuff...just the important things. So I have less clutter to deal with.
  18. The joke gets old after 3 minutes. It's too damn long. And yes....zis is old. Like saying this is old is old, but saying "this is old" is old is new.
  19. Hehehe...happy birthday....Razer! That's who you'll always be to me. Anway Robert...he's younger than you. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks, Sturmvogel I think, I am the oldest here, lol <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hhehe...I bet Robert is a little older...ahahah. Unless he proves me wrong.
  20. Hehehe...happy birthday....Razer! That's who you'll always be to me. Anyway Robert...he's younger than you.
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