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  1. Fool! Ask her out and go under her tutelage...
  2. OS and laptop are not the issue I think. But nevermind it anyway....I'll find another way.
  3. It's not for me personally....I'd emulate it if that were the case. The PC version seemed like a simple option, and hassle free.
  4. Che...that really doesn't help at all Gary. But thanks anyway...
  5. Do you need the actual MGS disc for this to work? EDIT: Seems even with the discs (which I don't have) it won't work...for some.
  6. lol nice. Are you a part of that group? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No I'm not. Just a codec pack I heard about. As its wiki page says, it was assembled by knowlegeable people in the anime world...and I watch alot of anime.
  7. Uninstall your other codecs and get the CCC pack. Here's the link. CCCP
  8. Which I have so... I think they confirmed that the U.S. version will get it..or something of that matter. The frantic topics I've read about this are all a blur...
  9. Release date for the U.S is March 14. Preorders will get a bonus DVD or something..
  10. Wait till you play it and you'll see what I mean. This is no Socom! I've been spending way to much time playing this. I've tried avoiding gettting sucked into MMOrpg's but Metal Gear got me.... You can play as Ocelot and Raikov, if after one round you have the highest ranking/score. It's funny hearing Ocelot talking to himself as he reloads his SAA (single action army pistol). Conversely, if are the lowest ranking person you get Sokolov, the wimpy scientist. But you get the stealth camo!!
  11. Yeah so I got home at around 1 am and decided to try the online play for Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence. I imported it and bought a japanese pstwo to play it. It can say it was totally worth it. Luckily I can read most of the important Japanese I need to get the basic hang of the game. There are a few U.S. players hosting here and there, but I'm mostly playing with Japanese guys I think. I usually join the Team Death Match games and snipe 70% of the time. But I was seriously getting owned. The skill some of these guys have...wow. I was getting killed right and left. Cool thing was that there was no lag at all...
  12. Well the LARPing (dressing up and battling etc) variety are very much alive and growing. I know..I see them at cons!!
  13. Yeah I was disappointed upon hearing this early today. Disney doesn't deserve Pixar. I guess they have nearly given up on their own in-house talent to bring in the cash. They also have a deal with Studio Ghibli to release Hayao Miyazaki's works (Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle etc). I wonder if Pixar can keep the blockbusters coming out under new management.
  14. Melody of Oblivion - Senritsu Gekijou he no Izanai - Epilogue [0:04/4:06] (320kbps)
  15. I'm playing Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence. The original was fantastic, and the new improved version is even better, especially with the addition of the 3rd person camera view. I haven't even gotten to the online play but I'm sure that will rock as well. Also playing Initial D Kashiramoji D Special Stage (PlayStation2 the Best). If you like the series than you'll like the game. So much to unlock, and the Euro beat tracks are used in the game woot!!
  16. Initial D - Sara / Burning Up For You [3:40/4:50] (320kbps)
  17. Flash wise, the site is great. It didn't take very long to load, maybe 15-20 secs. But you have to take your users into account.
  18. Einhander: Track called Thermosphere that plays as you rise above the Earth to battle Schwarzgeist Track called Madness when fighting Ausf D Gestell Metal Gear Solid 3 Instrumental to Snake Eater when fighting the final battle.
  19. BECK - slip out (LITTLE MORE THAN BEFORE) [4:34/4:52] (192kbps)
  20. I just took another look at his F.A.S. statistics. It's not like his A-bomb will be anything impressive anyway! He only has 169 Str! The most important thing is the fact that it has been two years and he's only at level 22! I will hardly be frightened when he finally does get those atomic bombs! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Forum Attack system hasn't even been around for two years...more like about a year or so.
  21. I just got the T-shirt and mine is black. White is not my ideal color...
  22. Don't staff members like K'dash have access to the A-bomb anyway? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No..you have to be a mod/supermod/admin to use the A-bomb.
  23. Yes K'dash, I will certainly consider that. But can you tell me how this will set up? I don't want to buy this and not be able to use it because I don't have some cable or my modem won't work with it etc.
  24. Could I not use a VGA adapter? Like these---->Lik-sang
  25. How exactly do I go about setting this up so my ps2 will display on my laptop?
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