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  1. For some reason, Mame (ver. 0.64) won't detect my neogeo roms, even with the paths configured correctly, with the roms in a roms folder etc. Cps1/2 games are detected fine. I have a copy of neogeo.zip there as well. I'm sure my romsets are correct. Here is Garou set 1:
  2. See them or frame them and hang them up on the wall. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah...I think i will SEE them Agozer! Brilliant idea.
  3. Any ideas on what i should do with my extra two sticks of RAM when I replace them?
  4. I use the program my laptop came with (NTI CD & DVD). Copy after selecting the target (the DVDR you want to rip). It rips in then you stick in a blank dvd disk and burn it. Do other programs make it more complicted then that?
  5. It gets better i think. They start doing some kickass flips.
  6. Maybe it's because he lost his powers? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> So if he loses his powers he looks like a fag!!
  7. I watched a the raw for this. I'm not expecting much story. Iori looks odd to me though. His hair looks overdone...
  8. Hehehe...those guys aren't to bad. Not bad at all. That one guy..maybe sakura or Joe...has got mad flipping skillz.
  9. You know that there are these key remover things you can buy. They resemble hair pluckers, and you slide these metal prongs underneath the key and it detaches it.
  10. Yes...I unscrew my memory compartment and jam that sucker in!
  11. I'm not sure which Kingston ram I should get from THIS list. My laptop can support Dual 200-pin soDIMM PC2100/PC2700 DDR SDRAM. Therefore I'm looking to get two 512mb sticks to take advantage of this. I'm willing to spend around $200 max. Are the more expensive sticks better?
  12. Looking into getting a nice digital camera....or more ram. Maybe an HD.
  13. Yeah...Pen and Teller are just putting their spin on what some already know. The thing is they're preaching to the choir...at least anyone watching their show. A person of faith is going to believe what they want, no matter what they're told.
  14. You're headaches could be psychological....do you dread talking on a cell phone, to anyone in particular? Feel like you spend to much time doing it?
  15. Rented Batman: Rise of Sin Tsu for my little brother to play, thought it would be lame but its alright. North worth buying unless you're a die hard Batman fan...and have someone else to play with. Also played a bunch of demo games, the most fun being "We Love Katamari", The Matrix Path of Neo. Definatley worth buying.
  16. Since switching over to Firefox, I've had little to complain about. However I've noticed that FF is a lot of times missing plugins that I'll need to browse a site or load content. The built in plugin finder for the browser also fails to install any plugin it finds. What's the deal with this shite!!! What I'm really getting to is how can I get FF to properly load a ymtd page.
  17. Taking my break from work at the OSU toshokan.
  18. Case: it's a laptop...plastic! 3.0ghz P4 HT 512mb of DDR RAM 17in. Active Matrix LCD (TFT) Mobile ATI Radeon x600 (64mb) DVD±RW/CD-RW Combo 80GB HD Wifi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth
  19. From my understanding, it was chinese made. Read a review for it and it got high marks. Don't know about any subs for it Shiba.
  20. Hmm...my temporary internet downtime at home has become no internet whatsoever. My dialup modem *gasp* is broken. So I'm even less active. As in one post per week at best.
  21. For easy money, I find repeatedly doing Turntable on Hard a good method. You get 40,000 if your time is under 50 sec.
  22. Meh...I just barely got into SC 2 and the third one is out already. I'm thinking of buying it. Last weekend I played some rounds in a lecture auditorium, with the output going to a huge projector screen. I don't know if you can unlock these characters or if one creates them. But I some fighters like Solid Snake and Big Boss, Guts from Berserk...even some dude called Angry Nigger.
  23. You've stumbled upon a potentially lucrative product idea Weirdy...engergy/life drinks for extreme gamers!! Imagine how much money you'd make marketing a beverage that could sustain these so called "extreme gamers" for days upon end.
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