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  1. I use my PS2 controller....what else do you need!!
  2. I say we move to China and start an internet cafe....we'd make fortunes.. Honestly though, not moving for an extended period of time (say 120 hours..) with little to no food may just kill you, not matter what you're doing.
  3. Yes....the Chinese and Koreans especially go for broke ( ie. play till you die ) on the MMORPG's. But its a rare occurence in any case.
  4. That survey about us having the highest suicide rate was misleading. I was being sarcastic. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'm sure you remember that thread I made about this Agozer...you guys in nokia land do have a a pretty high rate...not as high as Japan but not that far off.
  5. America is a sex crazed place...we all have our issues, especially Finland, which has an a pretty high suicide rate!!
  6. Heh...I appreciate the nomination Weirdy. But I have no web related skills whatsoever. If I ever reach 2000 posts, I might be interested in a position. I think if Robbbert was't slacking so much and using the Forum Attack system more work would be done!!
  7. I am temporarily without a computer at home for a few days. Hope for the best for you and your mom K'dash.
  8. Very true. Another board I frequent has it where members can start tourney's. Maybe we'll see an update with 1Emu. ver. 2.0. As for favorites, if you click on the title of the game on the main arcade page, it will add it to "Your Favorites" page that has a link at the top of the page.
  9. As Agozer said, its boring, most of us don't excel at flash games, or spend much time on them, but rather play console or computer games. Speaking for myself, I do defend any challanges to my scores, as does Razer who is the official whore of the Arcade.
  10. I'm sure most male OB/GYN's love women..Bush was only stupid enough to say it!! Bush doesn't have the intelligence to be president....but hey we elected him so.
  11. Well..I think I may have figured out why my games are running slow, as I mentioned doing what I did in my last post. I was in a channel all by myself, and loading up a game I find it plays fine. But when I go into a channel full of users (17+), my games play slow. Basically I'm just hosting a game and running the game on my own with no one joining. So does anyone know how the number of people on a server impacts game speed? I've never run into this problem...
  12. Innovate or Die...if this is Nintendo's last hurrah, in the end they can say they put it all on the line.
  13. Three cheers for Bob! It's the little guys like him that people work tirelessly for. If our other 5000+ members followed his example, GC could run for the Senate....and win! Anyway..whats up with paypay charging a fee? I wasn't charged? Bastards..
  14. Well my first reaction to seeing the controller was like most.....WTF!! But after reading the articles, I can see how the design could ultimately work smoothly and really change the we play games. But that's if the developers really commit and use the design to its potential if it can deliver as Nintendo says. In any case it will be hard to get used to, as Gryph said.
  15. Yeah...well if that's the controller it's crap. Of course its to early to tell as of now. But if that's the official controller then they better have some astounding shite up their sleeves for it to work well.
  16. Thanks Diso...that list is helpful. Now onto my next problem. For some reason the emulation runs slow as hell when I load up a game on kaillera. I've never seen this happen before. Not anything to do with ping time or anything I don't think. This is just joining a channel and running a game by myself with no other players. In the past, any game I loaded would play at the right speed and what not. And this occurs with all the emu's I've tried via Kaillera, that being the newest kawaks, and fba builds.
  17. I've had this problem for a looong time.....meh.
  18. I've had this problem off and on for a while, across various emulators. I wanted to try the snes9x with kaillera, but I'm still having the same problem, "Error requesting server list". In the past I've replaced the.dll file but I don't think that's helped.
  19. Brick by brick....by brick. That's after the weeks to months it takes to drain the water, and remove the thousands of dead bodies. It's going to take a looong time for N.O. to get going again.
  20. I was googling the useranme Joeunity311 ( don't asky why ) and the third page that Google found was 1emulation a la portugese. I also tried the translation option of Google's but it didn't work very well. But I'm still wondering why this page exists....someone must know. Where's the "man"? Perhaps this is the nerfarious work Gamecop's been working on in secret.
  21. Whatever...like I could tell the differnce!! But its freaky. It's instantaneous! Like your posts now. Who hanldes this anyway?
  22. What is the meaning of this!! I don't sound as smart in spanish!! 1Emu in Spanish
  23. I'm guessing Gryph had to evacuate as there removing everyone out of New Orleans...hope your possession are intact. What part of N.O. is he in? It looks as if the whole city was walloped.
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