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  1. Please elaborate more K'dash. I'm not good with this kind of stuff...better yet drop by the channel.
  2. That's seems very confusing...I have a wireless card. But I don't really want to complicate my setup by adding routers and what not.
  3. Don't really know much about those. I want my ps2 near my modem so I can play online. So that's the reason for my wanting to use my laptop as a display.
  4. Yeah the guy at Staples told me as much. Laptops don't have an S-video in or any type of input for that matter, only outputs. Unfortunately my PCI is not working. It will cost to much to get it fixed. A tv tuner is my option perhaps.
  5. I want to substitute my laptop for my Tv and play my ps2 with it. I'm sure there is a cable of some sort that will allow me to input the signal into my laptop for it to display. My laptop has an S-video out port and external display port.
  6. Good idea...if the site stats kept track of FA posting, I'd have around 2000 or so posts. And like 75% of my posts would be in there.
  7. Initial D - Millenium Box 3 - 12 - [lots of artists] - Hyper Megamix [0:22/13:41] (320kbps) Real time is teh pwnage...
  8. Ryder is the one who handles updates and codes for it.
  9. This is sort of old, at least to me. I read an article about this a few month ago. Yeah Japan does have a different bra scheme. If I remember correctly, an F cup in Japan is equivalent to a D cup.
  10. Initial D - Leslie Parrish / Save Me [0:59/4:34] (320kbps) Real time baby!!!
  11. Because you got shot at and die. It's like playing Sim FLight games just for the sake of crashing your plane, you do it so that you can satisfy your hunger for suicide plane crashes. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Jah. In real life, you're not likely to charge in guns blazing while in your underwear screaming at the top at your lungs while explosives are wired into your chest into a local convenience store. Only to do it again at the local library. VGs lets us have that freedom. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes I can see that cleary. GTA was bad enough in the whole "be a criminal " gimmick. Saint's Row takes what it perceives to be gangsta/hip hop culture and glorifies it. My thoughts on it are still murky but I think most of you get what I mean.
  12. You can see where the trend with these games are going. What next, will they let you apply for welfare in the next installment!!? Or maybe they're trying to keep the thugs off the streets and in their living rooms engaging in virtual crime. Why not just join a gang and experience the real thing instead of through a box.
  13. This is so spam. Shame on you, you decrepit frozen zombie. But that's nice...they're not goatse virgins anymore.
  14. I'm still waiting for my shirt. I ordered it early Friday. And they don't give you tracking info...wtf!! Bastards. EDIT: Well it arrived, and I must say I'm a little disappointed. The emblem doesn't look anywhere near how they advertised it. It's faded as crap, like its been washed 100 times.
  15. Exactly! He should have broken its legs first then burnt him crispy.
  16. I remember Sony officials saying that the controller shown was just a protoype, and not the final version. In any case, people need to stop complaining and wait till its out.
  17. Problem solved...it was my bios. Thanks Robbbert, for pointing it out. (in the irc channel)
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