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  1. Initial D - Millenium Box 3 - 06 - Mr. Groove - Night & Day [1:31/5:12] (320kbps) Real time for great injustice!
  2. If your DS had an ethernet jack, you could use this: http://www.i-hacked.com/content/view/118/62/
  3. My condolences go out to the ytmnd community. May your patron saint have a speedy recovery.
  4. Did anyone pay attention to what the kitten was saying? It said..."someone's about to get their ass kicked."
  5. Ah..nice. I saw about a 500 post count increase.
  6. Yeah, he is up there in age, but Magneto is a battle hardened soldier. I was looking up some info on him, and I came across something in his bio that mentioned he was rejuvinated by some higher life form. That is, he's chronologically older, but is more like a fit 40ish man in his prime. He's also portrayed as built in the numerous videogames he's appeared in. The source for his physique being the comics of course. I definatley like where the movie is going. The beginning of the Phoenix saga, as well as seeing the students come into their own (Iceman and Colossus). The original run? I take it you mean the classic X-men way back when. His bio has a shot of him for this era. He looks lightly built. Magneto bio
  7. I found it to be slighly better than last trailer. In any case, Ian Mckellen doesn't work for me as Magneto, and never has. He definately has the acting ability, and captures Magneto's ferver and personality. But Magneto also had an imposing physical presenece, as he's is roughly 6ft 2in. I understand that some characters won't conform to what I see in my head, and that's just part of bringing a comic to life, but I think Magneto is a special case.
  8. It so detailed...and the potential for creativity so immense, that I'm afraid to play it! I think I'd lose my soul.
  9. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8372603330420559198 Just thought I'd post the presentation vid. I'm sure many of you have heard of it and/or are following its development.
  10. If you're referrring to rapidshare, it sucks.
  11. Only if you let me stab you afterward...come on up to Columbus Ryuken. We needed some more of your blood anyways!!
  12. I recored this on my webcam...enjoy! http://rapidshare.de/files/14728073/Knife_...le_fin.rar.html
  13. Yeah. The online play features the third person camera that was added to Snake Eater. You play as either KBG, GRU or Ocelot unit soldier in different modes of play like Sneaking, Rescue, Team Deathmatch etc. (all 4 vs 4). Ocelot, Raidenkov, and the Rumble Rose girls are special characters availble for Online play as well. For detailed info check out these links: MGS3:Subsistence Metal Gear Online (MGO)
  14. It's MGS3 Subsistence you crackhead...get it right! Yes Subsistence is a revamp of Snake Eater. A third person camera was added to the game, as well as bonus movie discs and Online play. I imported it so...
  15. Call of Duty 2 (PC) I've come to realize.....that I suck at FPS's. /me runs back to Metal Gear Online .
  16. Meh...we sort of figured it out. I really only needed to network two laptops. Just a matter of disabling DCHP...and manually setting the ip. Then used my crossover cable.
  17. Just wanted to know if anyone has any knowlege on this. I'm trying to network three laptops together. Did some searching, as this is probably a common question, but I haven't found anything. Thanks..
  18. WRONG! All the same people did the voices, save for the guy who did Grey Fox/The Ninja. It's done by a different person and sounds terrible. The voiceovers were also completely redone and for the most part have far less polish to them than they did in the original, much less feeling put into the work and you can definitely hear it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> what about the japanese version? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> WTF. What do you think!! The japanese version pwns all...even God himself. Though I have to hand it to the english voice actors. They do a commendable job. But the original dub is a notch above.
  19. Thanks...but you should know that other forms of romanization exist. Mine is correct.
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