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  1. Soul Reaver/Legacy of Kain series Metal Gear Solid 3 : Subsistence (with Online Play) Star Wars Legos (sequel will be out soon!) Katamari Damacy/We Love Katamari
  2. Che....like I'd post pics of an underage gal. Oh yee of little faith. http://wiki.theppn.org/Ogura_Yuko We're about the same age...she's a few months older than I. And just for kicks..I'll even prove that she's *gasp*.....wait for it!! Alive!! http://youtube.com/watch?v=dg4BO_vHZx4 Damn..she's so cute. Even Pedo bear would take her.
  3. YES!! Never complete without Yuko-chan... More Yuko-chan....
  4. Yeah...you need to download the correct sets. A good place to find some is at **********.***.
  5. Read this: http://www.pcfastlane.com/joomla/content/view/85/37/ Unless someone else responds with more help than I can provide, I suggest you call your manufacturer.
  6. Try upgrading the firmware....also some more info would help. Type of computer, Operation system, etc etc.
  7. Of course it would not have been possible with their help. They suck...immensely. I don't care if they are our sponsor. I haven an order...shipped July 19. Still not ******* here. They can rot in hell.
  8. He'll just spam the trout smacking...you don't want him there.
  9. Logik said he had a date or something tonight.....on DALnet!!
  10. Yeah...I noticed that as well when I joined yesterday. Not like it matters. There isn't much chatter to begin with. You tools... Usually the bot is there to do that...forget its name.
  11. Sturmvogel

    The Last Option

    I can't say I know how you feel. But if you need a break, time to collect your thoughts and re-evalute your priorities, don't think twice. None of us would like to see you or 1Emu go, but you have to do what's in your best interest. We don't know what sort of career you've set your sights for. You've mentioned you're working hard on it. Hopefully that provides you with some comfort and happiness. Maybe you need a change from what you're doing. You have a great team of people to handle things here. Get that wrench out of your gears and perhaps 1Emu can once again be that part of your life you can't do without everyday.
  12. Happy Birthday to megaman_zer0. I took your only top score in the Arcade. My apologies....party hard.
  13. I liked the old Arcade setup better. Whatever happended to making zee tournaments.....its a shame my two tourney wins don't count for anything.
  14. Ikaruga (Dreamcast & Gamecube) Space Channel Five (PS2?& Dreamcast) Metal Slug (all) (Neogeo) Sengoku 3 (Neogeo)
  15. I came across 1emulation at a time when I was new to emulation in general, and had a lot of questions. There was then, and there still is a great, albeit small community of members here. That's what's kept me coming back. I think that if you are relying on emulation alone to spur the developemnt of 1emu, it's going to be a long road. I'm sure you know that better than I. Probably the one or one of the things those "other" sites have over us is their breadth of coverage. Maybe 1emu has to go down that road as well, cover emulation and gaming. We are obviously affected by the state of the emulation scene, and its grows and wains as new releases and projects are announced.1Emu may possibly be on the cusp of a break. Our mention in EGM was a good highlight. Bringing developers into the 1emu fold is definately attracting some new blood. But if you want to grow rapidly as the aforemnetioned sites, it will likely take a lot more staff + hard work. To be honest, I sort of like the 1emu community the way it is. I see our consequene of getting "bigger" as the 1Emu community turning into a *vomit* Gamefaqs.
  16. *sigh* Yuko-chan...i want to be your boxing gloves!
  17. Double the fun... Ogura Yuko...you'll see her alot
  18. Happy Birthday AntiWinner. Where ever did you go. Sturmvogel attacked AntiWinner22 with a Pimp Slap (1 str) and took off 65! AntiWinner22 has 0 HP left! AntiWinner22 is now dead, therefore cannot counterattack!!!! You gain 1 frag(s) (0 stolen). You gain: 1 EXP points!!!!
  19. Indeed...I hear its very own evangelist is trying to undertake a revival there.
  20. A handful to get the prior ugly imagery out of mind...
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