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  1. Nah...my drive should be able to read a DVD. Have had no problems until now. I disassembled the the drive and looked at the cables. Looked okay to me. There was this small metalic orange piece that I'm not quite sure I put in the right place. It doesn't open as smoothly as before...ah well. It reads fine anyhow after I tested it. I'm off to see 300. Be back in a bit. Thanks for help.
  2. I didn't look inside. I'm of the feeling its a driver issue, more so than cables. I'm not comfortable enough to take out the guts of my laptop and put it back together.
  3. I recently did a system recovery on my comp. Before this, it never had problem recognizing DVD's. For some reason it won't anymore. I have the codecs and other pieces of software to run DVD's, as far as I know. Don't think its a driver issue, as I hadn't updated it since I bought it. Any help appreciated. DVD drive: LG HL-DT-ST GSA-4080N
  4. Another great performer. http://youtube.com/watch?v=Wc__xo-iQwY
  5. Gamecop's having a nervous breakdown, and takes it out on his loyal members by gruesomely dismembering us in his weekly webcomic. Welcome back!
  6. Reporting some results between Magnis and I. We played SF2 Turbo and Garou. SF2: 6-5 Garou: 29-25
  7. I died way to much. But we sure kicked some ass!
  8. Hopefully this topic will be alot more active as we have a Kaillera server to play on.
  9. Crap..you should come to the 1emu IRC channel for best results and further questions. I don't think gameplay is going to be good if you have a 200+ ping. Assuming you have broadband and you're somewhere in the United States, it shouldn't be that high. I set the ping threshold to 120ms or less so... You also shouldn't be downloading anything while running Kaillera.
  10. Your issues have been addressed. I changed the ping limit. My apologies.
  11. We DO have a kaillera server, but unfortunately it is almost never up. Give Sturmy a shout and he'll put it up for ya... and don't even ASK about the location of the server. The kaillera server has usually been up everday since I started hosting it. I usually put it up when i get home (4 or 5pm), although since then, there has been little action aside from, Mooney, Diso, megaman zer0 and I.
  12. Pretty much all of the strongest Captains are still in Soul Society. I think General Yamato himself could keep things under check.
  13. You're a damn sexy beast with that sailor hat of yours. Not the first time I've said it. Rock on zombie! I guess I'd qualify as a geek. Or a wannabe geek...I wish I know more about computing and hardware.
  14. Took two years of Japanese at a university. I've been lazy in keeping up with it after I stopped taking classes. *points to katakana below avatar*
  15. I'd also like to wish my fellow Asians a Happy New Year. Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!!
  16. I like Madman's idea. Of course one can configure the forums they want to see with the + and minus things. I certainly feel, as Madman mentioned, that the site is to much of a portal with forum to prop it up. The forum as it is now can't do that.
  17. We're pretty much up for anything. You'll definately want to get Garou:Mark of the Wolves (seen in the screenshot), and also Last Blade 2. In any case, any and all emu or games are welcome.
  18. Seeing as Carl drinks his own urine (note glass in his hand) I don't think we have to worry about him.
  19. Is that the darkside of GC revealing itself? The side that wants to destroy 1Emu? I think we've got our closest rendition to how GC looks. The guy in the cartoon!
  20. I think it would help it we had content to offer. This of course means people work to come up with content. Reviews for products is definately a start. I'd like to see some sort of emulation machinima.
  21. I'm familiar with the program GC. And no I don't have it intstalled, which is all the more bizarre. Diso suggested I switch to emulinker, which supports the kaillera, is more stable and secure. I'm playing around with it now.
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