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  1. Unless I'm misinterpreting you're response, I'm not speaking of joining a server such as Godweapon etc. But actually hosting your own server. And nothing happened on my computer that I noticed. I did the restart as a precautionary measure. It wasn't caused by any malicious means.
  2. I was hosting a Kaillera server (our 1Emu server) yesterday and noticed some strange execution code in the command window for the server app. I was mindful to printscreen it but I restarted my computer, forgetting to save it. The address I saw looked like /Roxio/XX.dll. That's the last bit of it. Then there were some strange filetype abbreviations all jumbled together. This was done a user who repeatedly joined the server. I'm somewhat worried about this....
  3. Congrats Mooney. Thanks for all your work James. Hope you stick around.
  4. Indeed. You'll know what to look for on the server list! Has 1Emu in the server title. I"m not that great though. Diso would give you a better challange.
  5. I got my ass handed to me today in Garou..probably worse than Diso. I think I played 30 matches and never won a single match. I got man-handled...
  6. Sturmvogel

    One Last Run

    I've been trying to attract new fresh members with scantly pictures of yummy ASIANS!!
  7. Read the manga Mooney. The series creators took their own initiative and finished the second half of the series before the manga. It shows.... Still worth watching, but you'll be left wanting more after the series ends. Nothing like the manga mind you.
  8. I had high hopes for Speed Grapher. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out to be as good as I thought. The first few eps. were compelling. Then it all nosed dived from there. Inconsistent plot, pacing etc. Sort of got back on track toward the end, but by then I was so jaded, I couldn't wait unti I was over and done with the series.
  9. I'm not watching anything right now....seen Mai-Hime. It was okay...
  10. Did you use the Atomic Bomb on them Robert?! Show no mercy. You have the strength to nuke at least three sites, or go after the worst offender with the Planet Busta.
  11. He's from Australia. Google is cool enough to have regional banners. Are we considered part of the Australian region? I have Kangaroos too!!
  12. Hmmm...I was deciding on whether to post or not earlier but I'll give it a shot. From what I've heard about gaming adapters, they usually take the complications out of setting up any other way. What I would suggest is you giving the 360 its own static IP address. I'm not familiar with Xbox networks settings, but I assume you can access this (as you can on the PS2) and manually input the numbers. After that, you would have to go into your Linksys router settings and manually do more or less the same thing. Also, go to this site, Portforward. Choose your router. There is a guide for Xbox Live guide under "X" for you follow on the following page after you choose your router
  13. I didn't see a topic about this. I'm surprised I hadn't heard about this until now. http://youtube.com/watch?v=zZp75fWe-ss Thoughts?
  14. The option for enabling a boot up password can usually be found in the Security settings under your bios. If it isn't there, or plainly obvious to see, you may not have the option on your computer.
  15. Jaegermeister and I showed him how silly his forum name was....he then left in shame. Happy Birthday Ink man.....you old geezer!
  16. I meant to spell "skewed." But I see what you mean in any case. At least I can now use all of my HDD. Yeah...the OS having its own dedicated partition seems like a good idea. I'll put the stuff I backed up before the system recovery on the larger partition. I don't think I could stand having one or more HDD's sectioned like that. It would drive me crazy. I like most of my stuff in one space. And that stuff isn't anything irreplaceable if my HDD were to die. I currenty have everything backed up. You probably have a lot more stuff than me. I have about 3/4 of my drive filled, and that's all I need for now. Thanks for the help though.
  17. Well....I decided to create a partition of the 64GB of unallocated space. So now I have my one partition (used to be my primary) that is about 9.7GB, and the 64GB is the other, now in NTFS. I assume I won't run into any trouble with this setup. Forget about the fact that i have such a scewed partition going.
  18. I used two utilities, Active SMART 2.51 and HDDLife. Both indicate that my HDD is in good shape, Active Smart being the more in-depth. Both health and performance are indicated GOOD, and the SMART analysis reports no problems. I guess the only thing left to work on is allocating the 64GB. I don't see an option to format it, either through XP or the utility.
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