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    Computers, money, games, girls (and women), strangely enough, the butterfly stroke.<br />And piano. of course.
  1. Sorry.. I thought no one was gonna reply, so I just neglected to update. Turns out it was a bad rip. Sorry.
  2. I got FFVII PC running on my laptop. However, it didn't support my graphic card (ProSavage DDR) and so I don't get any 3D acceleration, which means I have to use software rendering, which, on a VIA C3 CPU, is very slow. So I decided to use the PSOne version, which will give me better sound and use my 3D hardware with Pete's DX6 Plugin. And so I set up ePSXe 1.6, and it worked - it would run the BIOS. However, when I tried to get it to run FFVII from the CD Drive, the CD Drive wouldn't spin at all, and meanwhile the square black screen of ePSXe comes up, waiting to display data. But it never does. Meanwhile, CPU usage is 100%. I thought maybe an ISO would do the trick. So I ripped the CD into a MDF, converted it into an ISO, and uploaded it to the laptop. Didn't work either. I turned on the log. Everything seemed okay. ePSXe reports something about the sound plugin initialized okay, and detecting the format of the ISO image okay (2352) but still, nothing displays. I installed the ASPI layer, but that didn't help either. Please, does anybody know what do to now?
  3. Actually I was thinking more aloing the lines of bad apt-get database. reload it with 'apt-get update' and try to install that kernel again. apt-get install kernel-image right?
  4. Try ffdshow. There's an optimized SSE build out there. And it does 3ivx.
  5. no not really if you don't insert any coins, eventually what will happen is that you get to see the computer kicking ass. a little ass. Not much. You just don't get shown how it does that. oh well, I'll just play it without bothering about the points counter. EDIT: I got it (ow who attacked me) 1. Shooting In Progear, after you kill some enemies, they drop some stones. If you're just holding the shoot button down, they won't come to you. If you switch back to just pressing the shoot button, though, you're like a magnet for these stones. That's how you get points, through those stones. I think. 2. Bombs Converts all the enemies' bullets into... uh...... something that gives you points. Don't think it hurts the opponent. When you have 4 bombs, that bomb meter up there looks a little strange with people and a flag around it, but oh well. Nothing new.
  6. ahem!!! I have the 13MB progear.zip off emule now, but the thing is.... eh.... how do you play this!!! ok.... I figured out that well, Rivet is cute and much more useful if you hold the shoot button down. There's stones that, well, some come to you and some don't, so you have to go pick up the stones. And..... if you use your bomb it will somehow negate all the bullets and somehow add to your stone counter, or is it point counter now? So far I found it ok, but not as fun as Gigawing. Sad thing is, I looked at screenshots of this game, and really wanted it, but when I got it, I don't know how to play it. It's hard, though, that's for sure. And there was some guy here who had a pic of Rivet for his avatar.... I thought it was from Metal Slug 3 at first.
  7. hmm.. is this the port of that crappy confusing arcade Athena game from the 80s that had you going up and down between levels shooting bullets.. or probably not bullets.... a la Duke Nukem one style?
  8. Hey, ZSNES 1.4 didn't compile for me. sniff. 1.36 is running, oh well. Sorry to say this, though, but I got fed up, nuked my stage 1 Gentoo install, and made do with WinXP. At the same settings, it runs at full speed, as opposed to 40fps on the Linux version.On linux, it didn't run smoothly at all except for 256x224, that's why I was using that
  9. I'm relying on good old emule. There are 2 files there now, one with 15 0% guys on it, and another one....yup, progear.zip. sammaz, that filemirrors simms thing was 13MB... you sure that wasn't the full thing?
  10. It's been two years!!!! woo hoo..... this is THE penultimate Christmas Present!!!
  11. any pointers here? I'm running Gentoo Linux, hope someone knows some dirty secret to making it run faster, because all the games are running smoothly only at 256x224. And that's with no 2xSAI, either. I thought that since I enabled opengl acceleration on my integrated S3 ProSavage, it might run a little faster. Yeah right. The graphics accelerator runs it a few fps slower in OpenGL mode than the VIA C3 in software mode. VIA C3 933MHz S3 Prosavage DDR Xorg DRI build Mesa 6.3.... Edit: HEY what's with my HP....MP????
  12. Never tried using IE to access that site.... why what happens? ActiveX controls? (what happened to the site, is it some kinda forbidden word to say?) Whoa, and GryphonKlaw, mind telling me your secret to finding pictures of people far away that hacked your site?
  13. Download samsho5sp.zip from it. You will realize that it's not really from its own site. You can prove this by downloading another one from ww2.-Jorge Galvan's Site-.com and samsho5sp.zip, you can download both at the same time, even though ww2.-Jorge Galvan's Site-.com only allows one download per IP. Not to mention that 1emulation got hacked in April or so by the webmaster of -Jorge Galvan's Site-. If you don't want to contribute to the death of other ROM websites (by leeching off from them from another website) don't go -Jorge Galvan's Site-. Pretty soon, these guys are gonna fold due to the bandwith they get from -Jorge Galvan's Site-, and that's one less samsho5sp source to download from.
  14. Why? Because it's based on FF Tactics? It's gonna be the last FF for the PS2 you know.
  15. NEVER!!!! Firefox forever!!!!! hey that rhymed
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