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  1. Just d/l the opening theme...quality is crappy but good engough to hear the voices.... Good luck finding the eps. for them though...I'm sure there out there. On the fansite forum they mentioned you can find them on bearshare... OP theme EDIT: Upon further investigation, it seems Bots Master isn't Japanese. But the artists were influenced by anime characters designs. One thing that stood out about the show was the fantastic animation...even today it still holds up well.
  2. By far yes Strum. The end is coming make your time. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think a more alarming signal is the fateful day (it's destined) when Microsoft and Apple combine to form a new computing company, Micropod.
  3. What does Jesus Christ have to do with Intel based Macs? A signal that the end is near?!!
  4. It's been awhile since I thought about this cartoon. I remember watching a weird show about this guy who created robots and it had a really funky theme song...oddly engough I still remember who the melody for it and the "bots master" part. This show rocked!!Anyone else recall this series from their Saturday morning cartoon days? I think it was Japanese...havent' found to much info on it besides a decent fan page... http://adamrulz.com/botsmaster/
  5. Fluent in English...know a little of my native tongue (Amharic), but after one year of Japanese under my belt I know more of this than my mother tongue.....it's sad really.
  6. Unlimited dialup 56k (for home) Unlimited 11Mbps wireless (on campus) $8.95
  7. Yo....the dreamcast dude. Hehe, I used to always read your name as Shibat the dog. It doesn't make sense I know.. Nice to see you're active again.../me goes back to lurking again.
  8. Played Lego Star Wars....it's a simple and fun game for the Star War's universe. I might actually buy it.
  9. Meh...I guess that's swell. Put in a hard day's work and perhaps you get rewarded. That should be the Taxi's co. advertising scheme in Japan. Metropolis...hmm...it was an okay movie. I think if you've happened to watch Fritz Lang's "Metropolis", then Tezuka's (original manga author) doesn't seem as compelling.
  10. Forget BSplayer. Grab either Videolan (googe it its free), which will play practically anything you have, or Media Player Classic (has nothing to do with WMP).
  11. I for one do not want to know the intimate details of your lives. So no....
  12. Slip some rat poison into his fish. He won't see that coming. Preferably oddorless of course.
  13. Since I went "legal" I just boughy tracks off itunes. I don't d/l that many songs...a few here and there every once in a while. But I guess that's a niced deal.
  14. Wow...I knew Dattebayo was fast but.. I usually wait a few weeks between releases since I caught up on the series. That way I'm not stuck on watching one eps. at a time. But um...considering what just happened at the end of 133....it's quite enticing.
  15. in which language? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> In English of course...what language did you think I spoke, Klingon?!
  16. That's great....it was only a matter of time. I actually posted something totally irrelavent. Confused this with a spam thread.
  17. Not to long ago I upgraded my JRE to the lastest version (5.0). I was looking in my program list and I see two things listed...JRE 5.0 Update 2 and "Java 2 Runtime Environment, SE v1.4.2_01". Are those both supposed to be listed or do I have it installed twice?
  18. Gosh...I'm in the 1emu chan now...why didn't Agozer mention that in the first place hahaha...Alkeehol eh? Hmm...I must get somehow. But in any case I don't need to burn it...just aquire an ISO to run from the comp. EDIT: Bah...I give up. I'll stick to consoles when I want to play this or any non-neogeo/cps game.
  19. Okay...Mr. Zombie. I have Daemon tools....I've never done this before but from reading the Daemon tools faq, I'm supposed to mount an image. Put the game in the cd drive...I'm lost from there.
  20. Buffer size is 64...maybe I'll try OGL (OpenGL? rite). Don't need to tweak it any do I? But back to the sound issue...
  21. The game is Einhander...I've tried both my U.S. and import copy and it still skips. GPU is P.E.Op. Soft Driver 1.16. SPU is Eternal SPU Plugin 1.41. My friend walked me through configuring them so....
  22. I'd be that one guy who gives you a tutorial on how to use Materia. If not him then I'd be one of the guys who works in the brothel in the Japanese version....owww!
  23. I'd rather not resort to that...but I guess its worth a shot. It would rule out the emulator setup if I ripped it and it played fine. Anyways, I don't have Nero or Alchohol. I just use a program that came on my comp for burning. I wouldn't even know where to begin. I think there's a faq around here somewhere.
  24. So I finally decided to move beyond neogeo/cps emulation and try running some games on my comp. Everything works without a hitch except the sound skips about every 3-4 seconds. I'm running an original game that I own... Tried tinkering around with the sound options but it didn't help. A friend of mine sent it to me since since he was familiar with how it worked and guided me through it. I asked him about the sound glitch above and he said that's how its always been for him. Obviously this isn't normal.... Running Windows XP SP2 Pentium (4) 3ghz ATI Mobility Radeon x600 512mb DDR
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