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  1. That guitar kid is gay.....and so is this topic!
  2. Decided to read the Naruto Manga Book (manga 1-27, chapers 1-244)
  3. I shower every night before I go to bed. I used to do it in the morning but i have little enough time as it is. On weekends, when not in school or work I may skip a day..I shampoo every other day.
  4. Some guy in London wanted to spread the message to terrorists that, as he puts it, "to show the world that we're not afraid of what happened in London." So people started sending in pictures with some rendition of "we're not afraid." Some of them are pretty funny. I like the cat pic in gallery 85. WereNotAfraid.com
  5. i too couldnt help but cringe during the heart scene. pretty eck! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What you should cringe about is the fact that the characters seem to always wear the same cloths, and we hardly see them ever bathing. They must seriously reek....
  6. Photobucket resized it so that's why its so small...meh.
  7. Really unfortunate, considering London just yesterday won the bid to host the 2012 Olympic games and was celebrating the win. Hopefully there weren't to many casualties.
  8. Sorry to report such bad news but umm...God is dead. Anyways, I think it was s huge waste for them to smash such an expensive spacecraft in order to make a big HOLE!!! I understand what their mission objectives are but coulnd't they think of a better way...meh.
  9. Zombie...your link es broken. But not anymore!! Of course...an anime inspired wallpaper. Sometimes I worry for you Agozer. Here's mine...it rocks the socks!! Click -->Here<---
  10. Happy b-day bled2deth...who hasn't been here in 5 months.
  11. Graduate from college and figure out what the hell I'm going to do for the rest of my life.....
  12. I played Last Man Standing yesterday. Completely owned it. Last Man Standing
  13. Yeah...I would have liked Tom better if he just shut his trap. But he's feels compelled to spread the word if you will. The Church of Scientology I'm sure is pleased with someone as high proflile as Tom Cruise spoutin there bull****. Check out the wiki page here for there beliefs...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientology John Travolta is a scientology follower too...go figure!!
  14. Hmm...it was to slow for my 56k but I like watching these from time to time. Click me
  15. Just came back from watching it. My sis thought it was really good. I thought it was "okay." A few to many one-liners, as Daeval already mentioned. I didn't think it was very dark at all, at least as compared to the other films. I also had a problem with the pacing of the movie. As with Spiderman 2, the villain here wasn't sinister or bad ass enough. Dr. Crane was fine, but really underpowered. I'd comment some more but I don't see the option for the spoiler tag so I'll leave it at that.
  16. If I'm not sure of a word I just type it in google and it corrects it!! And lets not forget...Communists to the end....
  17. That's the day of graduation for me, give or take a few days...phfft. From that day forward, I will never game again.. Until I find a job.
  18. Well, depends on how you look at it... Caution only means that the enemy has become suspicious (either because of noise or some other disturbance) and is investigating the cause. In other words, I wouldn't call it an alert, because the enemy isn't really running after you and trying to kill you. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I only ask since I'm gunning for getting no alerts in the game, which along with no kills unlocks the stealth camo. Either that or shoot all 47 or so of those green doll thingies.
  19. For anyone whose played MGS 3, does a CAUTION count as an ALERT in the game?
  20. O..kay. Anyway, I have a week to enjoy a slight breather before summer quarter starts. I decided to rent MGS 3 and I just finished it today. A great game overall. Although I wish Kojima offered players a dual audio option. I liked the original Japanese voice actors in the demo....
  21. I haven't seen it, but after seeing previews of it I have mixed feelings. I don't get the "Batman" vibe from it...
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