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  1. yes 2 wrongs obviously don't make a right. both capcom and snk had given the mugen community permission to use their sprites, and are you forgetting that some people make their own sprites? anyway the rules of the mugen community have changed now should get around to updating it
  2. activate debug mode (ctrl+D) and see what state he is in when he does it then look in his cns file and put ";" infront of all the sctrls and triggers for that state.
  3. Newbie poster! why would anyone just make a character for you do you know how much work is involved in making a mugen character?
  4. you are obviusly not dowloading the files the right way you should get a zip/rar or whatever when you download the file not an html file
  5. 1.get a program like photoshop 2.convert the sprites to 256 colour paletted pcx format 3.make sure the bacground colour is set as colour 0 in the palette 4.??? 5.profit
  6. video cannot be used as an intro only mugen storyboarbs can be used as intros
  7. "Trading" is not allowed here if you have characters that some one wants give it to them don't be an ass about it
  8. we do not encourage downloading of mugen packs here
  9. Well I doubt you made all the characters that are going to be in this, so unless you get permission from the authors your "project" is a no go
  10. You are not trying hard enough it is the only file in the data folder named mugen
  11. Please don't double and or revive old topics
  12. http://img505.imageshack.us/img505/5259/noesvq5.png
  13. when you download mugen there is a docs folder that tells you most of what you need to know to make the characters there is also a faqs in there. and there are notes written in almost every file. please elaborate
  14. Well you have probably seen fights with 4 characters on screen with, evil, shin, orochi, ssj26 characters. If you download or make your own stuff you can actually make a pretty decent game. the main thing about mugen is how much control you have in terms of the coding.
  15. also no one uses that as it (supposedly) has major desynk issues. everyone uses 0.64
  16. did you read the readme file? anyway just try using a smaler screenpack since you only have 40 characters
  17. Say what? There was U1,U2 and now U3.. all with netplay.. those weren't official versions of that emulator they were compiled by someone else
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