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  1. Please search mugen sites for caracters or google for them if you don't find it its probably not available
  2. Jamaica has Dsl Cable tv (american) Cable Internet Japanese Import games.... what biatch
  3. it was very lucky to reach this far...... and don`t forget how they qualified against Bahrein. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I was actually being cynical I'm actually rooting for brazil
  4. This anime is awsome those who havent wached it need to
  5. Chrono Trigger! Chrono Trigger!!! Chrono Trigger!!!!! yeah
  6. http://www.reubenkee.com/httpdocs/MI.htm
  7. Search for fighter factory or MCM
  8. Win Mugen should have a team Co-op mode that does this
  9. Mugen has a marvel versus DC game haven't played it though
  10. Just got info that no real guns will be in it
  11. They'd take it all over and engadge in great lesbian sex. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  12. Hmm... I wonder how if he'll play like the new samus with slight speed diferences of course heh
  13. is it true about snake I don't belive it
  14. hey anyone else here about the new smash
  15. I mean I almost got robbed last night and the night before
  16. ok ill continue my 'country' is the county of crime and violence
  17. Go trinidad Represent for the Carribean
  18. Two trucks crashed into a minivan in my area a few days back. I think they were racing or something
  19. I usualy just turn off the music so I can hear the sound of the guns
  20. let one rip and blame the guy beside you hehehe
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